7 comments on “Ah, Her Name Is Sheila Vaz (or Sheelavaz or Sheela Vaz)

  1. Hi, Stella. Thank you for the nice words! I see that you’re sending me another clip from Amar. Well, I should check that movie out soon – especially since I’ve been on this Naushad kick of late. (And I guess it’s a Dilip Kumar kick too – though that was more by accident. :) I’ll have to brace myself for him in Amar, though, because I understand he is not such a good guy there.)

    Ah, so Sheila Vaz is dancing on the side with a pot? Did you know she was in this in advance or did you just spot her? I don’t think I would have on my own, especially not with my eyes focused on Nimmi…

  2. Well I haven’t seen Amar, but I love the music (one of Naushad’s best but less famous scores). I just watched Baiju Bawra (sooooooo good!) if you are on a Naushad trip. As for Sheila Vaz , I spotted her with the pot in the clip I posted. If I find more I will keep you posted. Thanks for the clips and the name.

  3. Stella, once again, you are very welcome. I actually owe some of my Naushad fandom to you, given that I’ve downloaded a couple of very nice Naushad soundtracks from Parties, Sarees & Melodies!

    I’ll have to see Baiju Bawra soon…

    There’s one other Naushad soundtrack that I’ve grown very fond of, also the earliest one that I’ve heard. It’s not from Anmol Ghadi (though that is wonderful too), it’s an even earlier one, from Rattan, which came out in 1944. I knew of it a little when I heard the famous Zohrabai tonga song (which has also recently been recirculating in one of those slightly sleazy MTV-style remixes – not all that bad to listen to, but kind of dreary to watch)… I then saw copies of this film a couple of weeks ago at two local Bollywood stores, but because I had limited money in my pocket, and because I really didn’t know much about this film, I opted to leave it there. Then I found a whole bunch more great songs from this movie on YouTube, and the scenes to go with it were very charming. This was all very simple and no-frills compared to the films and soundtracks that Naushad worked on later, and that’s all the more reason to try to get a copy! Unfortunately, one of the stores where I saw this had sold it out already when I returned there (so I picked up Aan, finally, instead). But I’m hoping the other place where I saw it will still have it. I’d highly recommend this music too if you haven’t heard it.

    Meanwhile, just in the past month, I’ve been greatly enjoying a copy of Mela (1948), which I downloaded. from…guess where. ;)

  4. Amar is an interesting social movie of the times of 1950’s when I was just a toddler. My parents who have never seen a Hindi movie, I think they might have seen this only Hindi movie I guess as they could not understand Hindi being from Tamil Nadu. But they took instant liking for both Dilip and Madhubala, which I came to know only later after their demise from my younger brothers. They liked Waheeda Rehman as they had seen her first and only Tamil movie.
    Madhubala’s performance in Na Shikwa song with its photography is a collector’s master piece in Indian cinema. And grace is the word throughout in the movie. It is quite difficult to believe that such was the performance of Indian movies ion 1950’s, probably one of the best among world cinemas.

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