11 comments on “Like Aunt, Like Niece

  1. Thanks for these 3 videos. Imo, Helen fails only due to the sage’s stronger willpower! In the end of the video he even resists multiple images of Helen!

  2. This was based on a Hindu myth about a sage called Vishwamitra who was seduced by an apsara, Maneka, who’d supposedly been sent specifically by the gods to disturb Vishwamitra’s meditation, since it was increasing his powers by leaps and bounds.
    Liked all three dances, though if Helen didn’t succeed, then it’s a twist in the original tale!

    BTW, Vyjyantimala was Maneka to Uttam Kumar’s Vishwamitra is this song from the 1967 film Choti si Mulaqat:

  3. Dustedoff, thank you for filling me in on the details of this myth. I was wondering if there were more myths along these lines or variations of the myth, but apparently the variation is in the movie Bhookailas. In this movie, Helen’s character is called Asparasa. I tried to watch this as an online freebie, but the subtitles were way out of synch (it was not YouTube, it was some other, strange site), and it was difficult. Also, probably the movie wasn’t the easiest to watch even if you understood the words. But the dances were good! (Kamala Lakshman had a dance in another part – and she never disappoints!)

    Thanks for the Vyjayanthimala clip too. Apparently, yours was converted from the link to the actual clip. I can never figure out when or why that happens or doesn’t on these WordPress blogs. At first it seemed to be happening all the time, and I found that very annoying. But I don’t think I’ll ever mind a Vyjayanthimala clip in the comments… This one is a bit different at the end, too, isn’t it? It is good… Though I think I like the Padmini and Shobana ones more.

    Mister Naidu, maybe Padmini or Shobana might have succeeded where even multiple Helens couldn’t. :)

  4. Richard, being a big Helen fan, I have to respectfully disagree. :) As well as Padmini and Shoboana may have danced, I don’t believe they were gong to get that sage to move! And don’t underestimate Helen’s ability. In head to head dance competitions in Prince, Dus Lakh and Shabnam she never lost. – to my eyes anyway, even if the movies didin’t make the winner cbvious. :)

  5. Mister Naidu, I really do like Helen, but I must disagree with you about the competition in Prince. In my eyes, in terms of dancing abillity, she did lose to Vyjayanthimala, just as she lost to Vyjayanthimala in Dr. Vidya. But Vyjayanthimala lost to Padmini in Vanjikottai Valiban. Of course, no winner was declared in any of these contests, so people could have debates forever about who really won – that’s part of their appeal. :)

  6. I too am surprised at the way WordPresss sometimes arbitrarily changes a URL to an embedded clip. We-ird!! Frankly, I don’t like people embedding a clip in the comments on my blog, so I don’t do it to others either… this came as a bit of a shock.

  7. Richard, in the final analysis it really doesn’t matter who won since the real winner is the viewing audience! Thanks for digging up and posting all these South Indian gems. I’m appreciating Padmini and Vyjayanthimala more because of them. And I never would have found out about Helen’s appearances in Bhookailas and Uthama Puthiran otherwise! Do you know of any others that she’s in?

  8. Dustedoff, I protested to WordPress a couple of times about the new system that they put in whereby YouTube links are automactically converted to embedded clips. I also mentioned on the support forum that I thought we should have a choice in the matter; i.e., maybe a switch that you can use to opt out of this conversion. Then someone else went further to say that embedded clips simply did not belong in comments and someone else agreed. In the past few weeks or so, I haven’t found current links being converted to embedded clips but, unfortunately, a lot of links that I put in old comments on other people’s blogs have been, and in some cases, I might have withheld the links or taken some extra step to make sure that they wouldn’t be turned into embedded clips – if I had any way of knowing that this would happen one day.

    I had some exchange with a WordPress admin person, but this person simply addressed another of my complaints, that sometimes the embedding process went wrong and simply resulted in a big blank space. He said that would be fixed, but he didn’t say anything about giving us an option to avoid this automatic conversion. I think he or someone on the forum did mention that if you go to the Yahoo clip and take out the “www” part, that will probably eliminate the automatic embedding. But, of course, even if you want to go through the trouble, you can’t always control this process… If you get a YouTube link in a comment from someone whose comments are automatically approved for your blog and that link then gets automatically turned into an embedded clip, that embedded clip will be up for some time until you happen to be online to see it and change it.

    Oh, well, all these blog services have their problems… I’m not ready to go back to Blogger, which I was using for some other blogs some years back. I don’t think I am, right now…

  9. Mister Naidu, thank you very much for the nice words, and you are very welcome. I can’t remember offhand whether there are other Helen clips in South Indian films that are locatable and worth watching, but we don’t often hear about these. I found both the Uthama Puthiran scene and the Bhookailas scene while I was watching the movies (although I didn’t watch Bhookailas all the way through; I did watch Uthama Puthiran all the way through, twice – once without subtitles and then once with)… Doing some research later, I found out that the Helen dance in Bhookailas is fairly famous, at least among fans of this movie or Telugu movies in general, but originally I didn’t expect it until I saw it and said, “Hey, that’s Helen!”

  10. Thank you for that explanation, Richard. Just the other day, I added two youtube URLs to memsaab’s blog, and got a message that the comment would need to be moderated before it could appear. I wonder if that allowed memsaab to approve the URLs and check that they weren’t embedded videos (now that she’s approved the comment, I can see the URLs have appeared as they should, not got converted into videos).

    Will have to live with it, I guess. This is the first time I’ve blogged, so don’t know what the others are like, but WordPress is good enough for me!

  11. You’re welcome. Despite my griping, I’ve generally been happy with WordPress.com, and I still prefer to others that I’ve tried. It’s just developed a few quirks lately that I’m not crazy about…

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