9 comments on “More Songs and Dances from Payal (1957)

  1. Thank you, Stella_1. Yes, the singer for Sunil Dutt is Hemant Kumar – a very nice singer as well as an excellent music director.

  2. Thank you for a lovely post… I’d not seen any of these songs before, so that was a treat! I liked all of them, the first one perhaps most of all. Padmini’s dancing is awesome and her `solid lunch’ (as Baburao puts it so unkindly) doesn’t detract at all from the beauty of the dance! I also especially liked the last song, but then that’s probably because I’m partial to Hemant. His voice was so utterly wonderful.

  3. Dustedoff, you are welcome; I am glad you liked it. Yes, “Jaa Re Saanwale Salone Natkhat Banwaari” is quite a dance – it’s no wonder that Padmini’s character passed the audition. :) So, you are a Hemant Kumar fan… I really liked his singing in Nagin. I used to rank that as my first or second favorite Bollywood soundtrack. It dropped a little on my list, because I think I got a bit tired of that bean music :) , but I still like Hemant’s singing in that a lot (along with Lata’s, of course)… It is all very good in Payal too, I agree. “Chalo Chale Re Sajan” is a sweet sounding song.

  4. Hemant, I think, was probably the first male singer’s voice I learnt to identify, when I was a kid. His songs for Nagin were excellent, but I think my favourites are isolated songs from other films – Tum Pukar Lo (Khamoshi), Beqaraar karke humein yoon na jaaiye (Bees Saal Baad), Mujhko tum jo mile (Detective) and Yeh nayan dare-dare (Kohra) among them. Such a glorious voice, rich and warm and soothing (chocolate sauce?!)

    Hmm. I think I should do a `Ten of my favourite Hemant songs’ post…

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