4 comments on “Alarippu and Alarippu Gone Astray, in the Streets of America

  1. Interesting that the American artist chose traditional and the Indian artist chose to modify. Interesting.

    Dancing Bharata Natyam on the street. I guess anything is possible in NYC? Although the passers by didn’t seem to have the same reverence and this something traditionalists would have to overcome if they performed on the street. It would be just an educational experience.
    Thanks for posting. Very neat.

  2. Hema, you are welcome, and I’m glad you liked it.

    By the way, according to some info elsewhere, the choreographer/director of the second dance is Czech and Napalese. So, she might be a little closer to Indian, but not quite. :) But I guess that the dancers in that one are Indian…

    Also, none of this is in New York City. (I wish I could say that it were, but it isn’t.) I’ve checked, and according to the info I got, both scenes are in California! The first one is in Santa Monica; the second one is in Los Angeles.

    The second clip does have a New York-sih look to it (though I couldn’t recognize anything as being in New York), so I was a little surprised to read that it was Los Angeles. Of course, I don’t know much about what Los Angeles looks like; maybe that’s why I couldn’t tell. :)

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