6 comments on “Janice Miller

  1. Wow, chalte chalte, my favorite song…she did a good job although I really dislike those synthesizers after the great sarod in the original score…but oh well, I guess you can’t walk around with a sarodist at the drop of a hat…

    thanks for discovering this person!

  2. Hema, you are welcome. I sometimes really like synthesizers, though it’s true that they don’t do a whole lot for this song. But that’s all right… I am glad that discovered this person too. :-)

  3. Wow, that’s great. I really admire her, because that could be my story, less the dedication and determination and ability to sing! I thought she did a great job on that top video, more so because she was attempting to both sing and dance. How many actresses or playback singers can do that? I would love to do what Janice did, but in my fantasy I would learn a few dance steps too!

  4. Thanks, Joss. That could be my story too (minus singing ability, and minus any dancing, at least in recent years – and certainly minus formal dancing ability, Indian or otherwise :) … It could be the story of a few of my fellow bloggers here too. While I could claim certain relationships and things in my environment as influences, there is nothing that fully explains the way I fell for classic Indian movies, especially the music and dance, or the way they have become such a big part of my life.

    Of course, people who just see me but don’t know me would never expect… I still have the experience of walking into these Indian DVD stores and being given a certain look and/or being asked right away if I need help, then surprising the sales guy when I mention exactly what I’m looking for because it becomes clear that I’m more into these old films than he could ever be. :)

    Yet, if somebody asks me whether I know the language(s), of couse I don’t!

    I imagine there must be some parallel between my experiences and those of Janice Miller, when unsuspecting people see her get out in front of some party or onto the stage of some small performance space and she starts singing Hindi film songs or Punjabi folk tunes. :)

  5. Mithun, glad you appreciated both her voice and her pronunciation. I saw some comment on YouTube complaining about the Hindi pronunciation in “Chalte Chalte,” but as with other people’s complaints about people’s pronunciation of Hindi, I absolutely wouldn’t know. :)

    In any event, I think what Janice has done and is doing is quite impressive…

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