2 comments on “The Next Time I Go Shopping for Rice, I Know What Brand I’m Going to Look For!

  1. That’s quite a find! ;-) The unfortunate bit is, they harp on about how `cheap’ the rice is – it’s good, but it’s cheap. That’s not Noorjahan!

    And thank you for the Noorjahan clip – lovely.

  2. Thank you, Dustedoff. I agree, this clip is very lovely!

    And, no, the description in the ad does not fit Noor Jehan (however we want to spell her name :-) …

    If it fits the rice, though, I’ would like to find it (if it’s being sold in the U.S.). The last time I bought Basmati rice, it was Tilda, and it cost so much, I was thinking, maybe I should just get my Basmati rice in the restaurant and save myself the trouble of boiling it!

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