8 comments on “Seema (1955)

  1. Thats a great comparison, Richard. I still havent re-watched Kathputli (I saw it as a kid on TV looooong ago!) but will keep these threads in mind when I do. And thanks for pointing out Mumtaz Ali – I had no idea that was him! Wasnt he a dancer/choreographer too? Minu Mumtaz certainly looked a lot like her Dad!

  2. Thanks for a very engaging review on ‘Seema’.
    Coming to fiesty and rebellious charachter, I am reminded of Bimal Roy’s ‘Bandini’ which also features Nutan.Nutan gives a srellar performance in this subject revolving around a women as the central charachter, a rare theme in Bollywood movies.The photography coupled with the evocative Music score by S.D.Burman have prompted me to watch ‘Bandini’ a couple of times. Gulzar, the noted movie producer & director started his career as a lyricist with this movie with the elegant Lata number ‘Mora Gora Ang layee layee’.

  3. Hi Richard, am back! will take me time to go through the stuff you have posted, you seem to have been very busy!

    Look forward to it though, the other part of coming back to routine (and parting from family) is not so good….

  4. That’s a well-reasoned comparison: I hadn’t actually given it much thought, but I guess Kathputli is more like Seema than I’d realised! Must see Seema again… what a great film.

  5. Bollyviewer and Dustedoff, glad you liked the comparison!

    Bollyviewer, I know Mumtaz Ali was an actor and a dancer, don’t know much more about him. I guess you can see the resemblance with Minoo Mumtaz – I’m going to have look at scenes with each of them and compare. :)

    Veda, I’ve been meaning to watch Bandini sometime. Now you’ve made me more curious about it…

    Bawa, welcome back!

  6. Thank you, Harvey. In response to your question, though, the answer is the less interesting one – I was referring only to Kath Putli. I didn’t know aobut Putlibai, but it certainly looks interesting!

  7. Richard, interesting comparison here – and Kathputli is one of my favourite films too, though I disagreed completely with the whole concept. :) I absolutely loved Nutan in her pre-south films avataar. My father was of the opinion that the South producers who made Hindi films spoiled two of the finest actresses of the time – Meena Kumari and Nutan – turning them into weepy, three-handkerchiefers. Nutan’s characters were always so strong, the weaknesses so momentary, and she always had something to *do* instead of just be eye-candy even in the most frivolous of roles.

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