5 comments on “Scenes from Patay Khan (1955)

  1. Thanks, Stella_1. I watched that Vyjayanthimala/Gopi Krishna clip somewhere before, and it is a good one! But I hadn’t seen it at Tripmonk’s site, nor have I looked at that site much lately. (I think it was another one that got suspended for a while… Plus, he was veering away from movie clips for a while, as I recall.) Anyway, it was nice to be reminded of this YouTube site, because he’s putting up some pretty good movie clips now. More pertinent to this particular post :) , there are some really nice scenes with Noor Jehan in Koel (or Koyal), from 1959, with subtitles. I had never seen that one with subtitles before! So, anyway, thanks to you, I’ll be looking more to Tripmonk’s site again.

  2. Thanks Vidur.

    Unfortunately, of course, there are no subtitles, but it’s more than woth it for the songs (and especially for the sight and sounds of Madam Noor Jehan).

    A year ago, ShafqatHJatoi loaded several scenes with English subtitles (more than just the two above), and the video quality was a bit better too. But for some reason, he didn’t upload the whole movie (too bad, because I was wating for it)…


  3. Oh, well, I tried to watch this movie on YouTube… Vidur, did you check it out? A few of the installments wouldn’t play all the way through, and then the part that was supposed to be the last part obviously wasn’t, so I didn’t get to see the real ending! Not a good-quality upload at all… But I did enjoy what I could catch of it nonetheless, as I expected, because of Madam Noor Jehan. :)

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