5 comments on “Nice Songs with Geeta Dutt on Padmini (and Jikki on Vanaja) in Mr. Sampat (1952)

  1. ‘Mr.Sampat’ was the third Hindi movie from the stable of Gemini Movies from South India following the Blockbuster ‘Chandralekha'(1948) and ‘Mangala'(1950).Directed by S.S.Vasan this is a delightful movie to watch .The highlight is the performance of Motilal, adept at whoodwinking people with his cunningness.The movie has a number of stage scenes putting a satire on the social conditions to the accompaniement of beautifully choreographed songs.Padmini who plays a theatre actor falls into the trap of Motilal and how good sense prevails on her and she is saved from financial and professional disaster is the story.
    Thanks to Moser Baer all these Gemini classics are available in DVDs.

  2. Veda, thank you – you have sent very interesting info once again. I didn’t know much about the plot of this one, except that it was satire. I hope I can find this sometime.

    Hema, compliment much appreciated. :) and glad you like these! But I can’t really take credit for consciously finding Jikki on Vanaja, since that was just a nice extra benefit in a movie that interested me as an early Padmini film (with Geeta Roy (yes, actually, she was still Roy) singing for Padmini – which I haven’t found too often). Also, the clips themselves come courtesy of a friend who I already knew had these and who was kind enough to send them to me…

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