6 comments on “Tragedy/Escape Upstate/Used Books

  1. So sorry Richard, what a horrible thing to happen…and accidents always seem such an absurd way to go… I know you had just moved into a new place with a better room and a new roommate too.

    As to what you say about Ithaca is true about so many places, My usual second-hand book shops have been “removed” from the pavement where they always operated due to “security” reasons after the Delhi blasts…only a newsagent is left and he only does a few best-sellers. The others had everything from 30s whodunits to classics all classified into sections. And Delhi is so big it was not feasible to get to the main second-hand book market from where I was. So for the first time I have returned minus my usual bookload posted by surface mail.

  2. Bawa, your words of sympathy are much appreciated.

    And sorry to hear about the disappearance of your favorite bookstores due to “security”… Here in New York City after 9-11, an area of downtown was closed for a while and I lost some favorite small stores including a used bookstore, which never returned. Also, some very unpleasant changes took place in the streets downtown and in some other areas of Manhattan, with ugly barricades erected, foot traffic made more difficult, and guys parading around dressed in riot geer or military camouflage and armed to the teeth… But we had only one attack that led to the streets becoming far less fun due to “security”; in India and so many other places, people must be faced with that sort of thing far more often.

  3. Bollyviewer, thank you for your sympathy and good wishes – also much appreciated. I’ll remember what you said about finding a nice place soon and keep the proverbial fingers crossed.

  4. Hope you get fixed up with a better place to live. Seems no time at all since you moved. Things here are stable for me at the moment, but recently it was quite different. I hope you too arrive in a calm place soon.

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