4 comments on “Another Great “Radio Performance” (Lata on Sandhya)

  1. What a beautiful song! I had never heard it before. Sandhya looks very natural, and you can see her grace as a dancer even when she just does ordinary things like move her hands.

  2. Thank you, Bawa, it is a beautiful song! I had to grab this V. Shantaram movie, Teen Batti Chaar Raasta, when I saw it in the super-cheap outside bin of a discount Bollywood DVD place (people in the U.S. – that was two for $5, or $3 each)… I haven’t watched the whole movie, but I went through the songs, and some of them are very nice. This one really caught my attention, so I’m glad I was able to find it on YouTube.

    Yes, you can see Sandhya’s grace here too. She is one of my favorite dancers. Some people don’t like her, and I don’t really know why. I guess she’s a bit eccentric sometimes…

  3. ‘Teen batti chaar rasta’ is again another movie by V.Shantaram having a social message.The movie focusses on the theme of confluence of different cultures that represents India and the fact the ‘Beauty is skin deep’.Sandhya appearing in a make-up having dark skin but with a golden voice and heart is used as the charachter to convey the message.

    As usual V.Shantaram movies have excellent music, so do this movie. C.Ramchandra and Vasant Desai being his favorites.In fact, it was a V.Shantaram movie ‘Jhanak Janak Payal Baaje’ that introduced stereophonic recording as early as 1955.The movie is presented in form of a ballet with the ace dancer Gopi Krishna in the lead along with Sandhya.

    However the trend of his movie-making changed with his later films starting with ‘Navrang’ , another movie having brilliant dance movements by Sandhya.

  4. Veda, thank you for the good summary of Teen Batti Chaar Rasta, which I watched in full shortly after seeing your comment and at least hope to write up soon. Meanwhile, you summed up the themes pretty well. Sandhya’s character does have a golden heart throughout the film, sings in a golden voice (i.e., Lata’s), dances around very nicely someimes (though not enough) and is generally quite adorable (which makes it a bit difficult to accept her as an ugly duckling all the time).

    You’re right, the music in this movie is excellent, and part of the reason Sandhya’s character is so adorable is that Lata’s singing for her is so sweet. The main composer here, though, is Shivram Krishan, with Vasant Desai doing bakcground music.

    C. Ramchandra composed some great music for Navrang, which I saw and wrote up a little over a year ago. That was a very good film and Sandhya’s dancing was great in that.

    I’ve also seen the great dances from Jhanak Janak Payal Baaje, though I have yet to see that film in full (but I plan to sometime soon).

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