6 comments on “Happy Birthday, Madam!

  1. Thank you, Memsaab. Sure, I’d be happy to help you expand your Noor Jehan collection, if there’s any way I can.

    You mentioned downloading songs from emusic; I guess I should do that sometime. I’ve really enjoyed that handful-plus of pre-partition songs that I found at the BFI site (which we talked about sometime back), and then there’s a bunch more that I got from Cool Toad. (Though I need to reload them from disc, which I haven’t done yet since changing computers.) Cool Toad has quite a collection, so I’ll probably go back there for more.

    YouTube has been a great source of Noor Jehan clips for me (I have a whole bunch of favorites from her in my YouTube site) and I’ve found a few full Noor Jehan films online – not always in YouTube, sometimes elsewhere. (The “owners” of the Pakistani films don’t seem as eager to remove online stuff as those from much more southerly parts of the subcontinent. :)

    I have a couple of her films on DVD but not much, though I intend to pick up more sometime at the aforementioned Pakistani DVD store… I’m a little reluctant to spend (especially when the DVDs lack subs, just like the online versions) because of my recession-worsened finances. But maybe if my online favorites start disappearing or I get a little more money in my pocket, whichever happens first. :)

    I have also been looking regularly in the Bollywood stores for her pre-partition films but not much luck there. (I wouldn’t even have Anmol Ghadi if not for a generous shipment from Doc Bollywood) …. I think Friends is supposed to have released Village Girl. Yes, I’d even risk another Friends DVD purchase for that!

  2. Friends have released ‘Village Girl’ recently.This 1945 movie has a couple of good songs composed by Shyam Sunder.Here is the link to the song considered to be one amongst her all time greats from the movie – ‘Baithi hoon teri yaad ka lekarke sahara’.

  3. Thank you, Bawa.

    Veda, thanks for the Village Girl clip. This is good… I think it’s a better copy than the one I saw sometime back. I recall, there were a few of these scenes from Village Girl on YouTube. All of them concluded with Noor swinging that rock on a string(?) and accidentally hitting someone or other, with varying consequences. :)

  4. I feel your pain re: subtitles! :)

    I’ll look on Cool Toad, eMusic had quite a few of her recordings as well, although I don’t know how many of them were Indian (pre-Partition) as opposed to Pakistani…

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