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  1. Aye great post, heres another one from Chhoti Bahen with Nanda (see below) to add to your collection, the 3rd one in your post form Jis Desh men Ganga behti hai seems quite similar to this one

  2. Right on Richard! I LOVE this post. Can one ever EVER get enough of women on swings? Now we must work on a post that conquers the ferris wheels of Bollywood. Thanks for including me yaar. :)

  3. WOW! I can’t believe how shameless Helen is in the second clip, (sundaranga andukora soundarya maduryamu) acting so seductive to the priest! I need to see this whole film. And remember this swing one too, bhai:

  4. Swings have been a part of Indian culture and there are festivals entirely focussing on swings.In Orissa,from the state I hail,the festival of ‘Raja’ which falls towards the end of the summer season is celebrated with temporary swings being built where the girls of the locality would enjoy the ride spanning over three days.

    Coming to songs on the theme of ‘swings’ in Indian movies,there must be many.But, my favorite remains this Naushad classic from ‘Baiju Bawra’ – ‘Jhoole mein pawan aayi bahar’. Here is the link –

    What I could make out from the movie clip featuring Helen in the Telugu film is she is portraying the role of a ‘apsara’, the celestial dancer sent by Indra, the King of Gods to create obstacles in the penance of some sage,probably ‘Vishwamitra’ in this case.The intention being to break the penance so that the sage could not achieve his goal of getting boons from either of the trinity of ‘Brahma’,’Vishnu’ or ‘Maheswara’.

    Thanks for this interesting theme.

  5. Thanks to all for nice comments and additional clips.

    Bollywooddeewana, there are some similarities (Shankar Jaikishan music, and some of the visual quality, etc.), but the Jis Desh… scene is much more focused the dancing of the main performers (of course, it’s Padmini! – and Chanchal isn’t bad there either). I think the dancing in the Nanda scene is more of a coordinated group affair with other dancers dancing at least as much as Nanda (in fact, usually more) and is a bit less frenetic, perhaps nore dainty (well, after all, this isn’t a dacoit colony :) . Nice clip, though.

    Sita-ji, yes thanks for that one too, but it wouldn’t fit – it’s in color! :) Actually, I just kind of wanted to limit the main post to five favorites. But it’s great to see the comments section filling up with additional ones.

    Yes, I am looking forward to your ferris wheel post. It would be great if you could include the Mela clip that I sent you, but I’ll understand if you reject it for being to old and in black and white. :)

    Veda, thank you for that clip too – that is vey nice. Also nice to know about the swing festivals. (Wow, three days of swings in Orissa – I had no idea there was a festival like that…)

    By the way, yes, this is a variation of the apsara story (but different characters, and Helen’s character fails in this mission). Padmini and Shobana had their own dances depicting the apsara story, which I posted a couple of months ago:


    Over in the comments, you’ll see that I didn’t really know about this myth back then, but Dustedoff clued me in on it. :)

  6. dont forget the incredibly beautiful swing scene with Jaya Bachchan from the film Shor!!! (song starts at 2:45)

    i love the clip from Madhosh you posted.. thats a great film.. i first heard that soundtrack on a double cassette with Seema on the flip side – bought it in New York when i used to live there… the tape company had intentionally added a subtle echo effect to the recording which made all of the songs even more surreal and beautiful… both great soundtracks..

    and thanks for commenting on my Lata Birthday post from last year… i did a whole 2 hour radio show this evening.. i had been going through old soundtrack lps all day without even realizing that tomorrow was her birthday… so that worked out perfectly! will share the podcast with you soon! thanks for the encouraging words… always nice to hear from you!

  7. Thank you, DJ Carlito, that Jaya Badhuri scene is a nice one!

    And thanks for the good words about the Madhosh post. I saw this once in one of the Jackson Heights stores; I should have grabbed it. (But I was looking for something else – usual story. :)

    Madhosh on a double cassette with Seema? Now, that’s a nice find!

    I downloaded an MP3 of the Madhosh vinyl record from Parties, Sarees and Melodies.

    Coincidentally, when I saw your comments, I was putting up a post referring to your Lata posts. That will go up sometime soon…

    I think I found out about Lata’s birthday when I was double-checking my hunch last week that it was Noor Jehan’s birthday. Did you really put together this Lata radio show without knowing yet that it was her birthday? Well, you had done such a big post about it last year; maybe it was stored in the back of your mind.

    I thought of doing a Lata birthday post myself, since I’ve been having fun posting about a few Bollywood birthdays lately. (If only I were so good at remembering the birthdays of friends and relatives…) So, I Googled and stumbled upon your post from last year and said to myself, “Oh, it’s Carlito’s blog…and this is great!” I then left a comment, not realizing that it was a post from last year. Then later I saw your post from this year. I saw you were doing that show, but it was already a little late to get a streaming live version of the show, which I think was available(?)… Please do let me know when and where I can tune into the podcast. (Streaming, podcast…I admit, I sometimes get confused about what is what and how you get it.)

    And nice hearing from you too. I always enjoy your blog. It’s got more of the musical diversity that I had here in this blog’s infancy, before I decided to escape the present altogether (or for the most part, at least). But you’ve apparently got an impressive knowledge of the old music too. So, very nice to receive your opinions on these films and their music.

  8. By the way, here’s yet another great old song for this theme, from Tommydan1’s new site at Dailymotion. The scene is from the 1949 movie, Dillagi, with music by Naushad. The girl on the swing is a 14-year-old Shyama, with singing by Geeta Dutt. The scene also features the male actor Shyam (at the beginning) with vocals by Shyam Kumar. (Shyama, Shyam and Shyam Kumar – yes, this one’s a bit confusing.) Suraiya appears at the end of this clip as well.

  9. Bhai,
    !/2 way through Mahal, and I wanted to confirm that you had the superb “Aayega Aayega” here, and of course you do! Love that song. Kya hypnotic.
    Happy Holidaze to you. :)

  10. Sukriya, Sita-ji. Happy holidaze to you too.

    Interesting that while I was in the middle of endlessly praising Noor Jehan, you indirectly reminded me how wonderful Lata Mangeshkar could be too. :)

  11. Thank goodness there’s enough room for both Noor and Lata, the only problem is there’s just not enough hours in the day for enjoying all the art and entertainment out there.

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