19 comments on ““Meri Ankhon Ki Neend Le Gaya”

  1. a wonderful classic film… it was hard to find on DVD, but i managed to track it down.. i agree, there are several very memorable melodies on this soundtrack… “Meri Dil Ki Nagariya” is another one my favorites from this film…

    i also like “Hamen Ho Gaya Tumse” and “Dil Dhak Dhak” is great too! : )

  2. Hi, DJ Carlito. Yes, those are all really nice Lata songs; I like them all. I also like “Pagade Pahen Ke” with Shamshad Begum. (Not as certain of the male singer; I think it’s Talat Mahmood.)

  3. Madan Mohan started his career in the early fifties .Unlike Naushad and Shanker-Jaikishen who tasted success early in their career through ‘Rattan’(1944) and ‘Barsaat’ (1949) respectively followed by a continuous succession of Silver Jubilees ,Madan Mohan was unlucky on this aspect. In an era where record sales and radio popularity were the benchmark of success for a composer, Madan Mohan has to be contented with nondescript and unsuccessful films. It was more so in the fifties wherein the Madan Mohan gave Music for forty and odd films.

    However, this is the period which has been the least discussed with the focus being given to the Composer’s music of 60’s and 70’s.But by that time Madan Mohan has evolved into a stylized composer earning the epithet of ‘King of Ghazals’ which stifled his style in contrast to his songs from 50’s which included a wide variety starting from frothy numbers to Ghazals which is a requirement for Hindi movies.

    ‘Madhosh’ was the third movie to be composed by Madan Mohan after ‘Aankhen’ and ‘Ada.Meena kumari starrer ‘Madhosh’ released in 1951 saw the emergence of Lata-Madan combination in full swing. All the five Lata numbers are a delight presenting a whole spectrum of emotions. ‘Mere Dil Kee Nagariyaa Mein Aanaa Na Aa Ke Jaanaa Balam Pardesiyaa’/ ‘Chhod Mujhe Na Jaanaa, Dil Ko Na Mere Dukhaanaa’/ ‘Jab Aanewaale Aate Hain Phir’ are a testimony to it. Talat on the other hand sang one of his best numbers for the film ‘Meree Yaad Mein Tum Na Aansoo Bahaanaa, Na Jee Ko Jalaanaa’.The movie however was not successful and is remembered for its soundtrack.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. No it is not Talat Mahmood (who sung the most famous song from this movie: Meri yaad mein tum na) but one G M DURRANI.
    There is an article about him in Wikipedia which says he was the first male singer opposite both Lata and Geeta Dutt and Rafi’s idol. That is quite CV!

    Will try to locate more of his songs on Surjit Singh’s page.

  5. Veda, thanks once again for sending so much additional information!

    Bawa, yes, that makes sense – G.M. Durrani. He sang that great duet with Noor Jehan in Mirza Sahiban (1947), which I posted about last month:


    Also, btw, I’ve been using a scene from that same film for my image header now and then – it happens to be up there right now. :-)
    P.S. Veda, looking back at that post, I was reminded that you offered us a lot of very interesting information about G.M. Durrani as well…

  6. The famous song ‘Meri yaad mein tumna aansoo bahana’ is sung by none other than Talat Mehmood.There is no need to look for sources as Wiki which mostly dishes out unauthentc informations. The voice of G.M.Durrani is so much different than the silky voice of Talat Mehmood.One can very well distinguish on hearing the songs by both the singers.

    As far as authenticity of the fact that Talat Mehmmod is the singer of the ‘Madhosh’ number is the information provided in the only authorised website on Madan Mohan run by his son Sanjeev Kohli,currently CEO at Yash Raj Films.

    Here is the link to the filmography section providing details of the songs of ‘Madhosh’ along with the audio clips.


  7. Veda, I think everyone agrees that “Meri Yad Mein Tumna…” was sung by Talat Mahmood. But who sang the male vocals in “Pagadee Pahan Ke…”? That’s where Bawa said it was G.M. Durrani. Interestingly, the site you provided credits neither Talat Mahmood nor G.M. Durrani but says it was S.D. Batish.

    It is true that Wikipedia is not always accurate. I’ve found the other site that everyone refers to, IMDb, to be mistaken more often. I like to verify information from either of these sties through another source if and when I can, and even then, I can never be completely sure that I’m getting the real answer. :)

  8. If one hears the song ‘Pagdee pahan ke’ one could very well discern that the voice certainly do not belongs to G.M.Durrani.The singer as mentioned in the official website of Madan Mohan should be taken to be authentic.The LP of ‘Madhosh’ even do not mention the name of the singer and simply credits the song to ‘Samshad Begum & Chorus’. Given the stature of G.M.Duranni which though on its downturn phase by the time ‘Madhosh’ was released, his name must have been credited on the Disc.

  9. Well, I thought that Durrani sounded right as an alternative to Mahmood (given the era, etc.), but I hadn’t done any comparative listens yet. :) It is true that the voice in “Pagdee Pahan Ke” doesn’t sound much like the voice in the duet from Mirza Sahiban, which is the only G.M. Durrani song I can refer to right now, especially upon a moment’s notice in a blog comments exchange.

    Anyway, Bawa has promised to dig up some more G.M. Durrani songs, and I look forward to any Durrani songs that people might provide for future comparisons. :)

    No, the male singer doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere. (Everybody lists Shamshad Begum, but believe me, I didn’t need to see a credit to recognize that voice!) I’m perfectly happy to accept at this point that S.D. Batish is the answer to the mystery. Though if anyone out there has good reason to think otherwise, please feel free to “speak up.”

  10. All these discussions prompted me to hear full length song of S.D.Batish in ‘Daasi’ and the duet of G.M.Durrani in ‘Deedar’ for a better appreceation of who the real singer of the ‘Madhosh’ song. After spending almost half an hour I couldn’t come to any conclusion .I have always confused on the voices of C.H.Atma and K.L.Saigal,other prominent singers of those era.

    Then I decided to ask Vishwas Neruker, author of many a books on Hindi film Music and Composers.He is also the author of the book ‘Madan Mohan: Ultimate Melodies ‘.The link to information on the book is here.


    Vishwas Neruker coincidentally is my friend on Facebook.He has just given a reply to my query. He says the singer is ‘G.M.Durrani’. I would believe Neruker for the present.

    Thanks Richards and Bawa for providing the impetus in clarifying my doubts which I myself have been with me for quite sometime.Let’s see if someone comes up with the ‘real’ answer .

  11. Veda: G M Durrani is the “real answer”. It is credited as so in many places. If you read my earlier post, there was never any question of the other song being anything else but Talat Mahmood! I think you misunderstood something there.

    Besides, voices are identifiable, S D Batish does not match at all (neither the style nor voice). C H Atma and K L Saigal: phew..those are two very different voices :)

  12. Yes , Bawa both the singers are different in their style and voices,but the rendition of the song in question from ‘Madhosh’ makes it difficult to decipher the male singer.

    Its good to learn that the fact the G.M.Durrani is the real singer has been credited in ‘many places’.It would do well for you to list out out the references of either the links or the Books if any for benefit of all of us.

    Bawa, I am looking forward to your list of references.

  13. Veda, oh dear, I think you are being sarcastic. It doesn’t sound like S D Batish to me at all. Have been listening to both him as well as G M Durrani all day yesterday.

    Well, one of the “places” is the original record for Madhosh which a collector friend has (or says he has, as we have to take all info with a pinch of salt) and I sent him a mail, and this is what he says : G M Durrani.

    Also if you go to Surjit Singh’s page, where he has posted the audio taken from thousands of old songs digitalised from various famous collectors of gramophone records, it also says: Shamshad Begum, G M Durrani and Chorus. And as this page copies what is credited on the gramophone records or their covers, it is quite a reliable source, I find.

    On the other hand, the S D Batish page run by his son, who has done much to ensure his father’s name is not forgotten, does not include Madhosh among his father’s filmography.

    Don’t take it too hard but you yourself said that you were unable to distinguish between K L Saigal and C H Atma! Chalk and cheese to me, although I love the singing of both.

  14. Well ,Bawa there is nothing to be sarcastic over a ‘song’.What I intended was to cross check from an academic point of view.I have already mentioned that Vishwas Neruker has mailed me that the singer being G.M.Durrani.He ,being the author of an book on Madan Mohan,I have every reason to believe him.But,then the fact remains that the website run by the son of the composer himself mentions it to be S.D.Batish.

    Surjit Singh’s website is there no doubt having a repository of movie songs,but then the male singer in the ‘Madhosh’ number do not resemble to me to be that of G.M.Durrani.May be its in the rendition itself.As about C.H.Atma and K.L.Saigal which I mentioned is again about certain renditions that bears the similarity between them.

    Since I have a penchant for vintage movie melodies I was rather looking for your help in educating me with the references which you mentioned.Learning is a continuous process and every source of information is important for an inquisitive learner.But, the doubt still remains.I think it can be clarified with a communication with Sanjeev Kohli,the son of the composer himself.

  15. I am in no position to “educate” anyone.

    I wouldn’t even regard his son as an infallible source unless the composer left some written record to that effect. However, it does seem if the record released at the time credited Durrani it would be right.

    If we are talking about styles, S D Batish was called upon to mostly render classical based songs (which he did so well!) whereas Durrani sung for the hero solo and duets. So even on that basis, if it was not Durrani because of what you think about the style, it would be even less likely to be Batish.

    My “resident expert” also gave this verdict, and he seems to always get this stuff right :((

  16. Perhaps the male singer in question may be somebody else !

    After all these discussions I have yesterday requested both the official website on Madan Mohan and Suresh Chandvankar,Honorary Secretary,Society of Indian Record Collectors for clarification.

    I am waiting for their response.

  17. The official website of Madan Mohan has since responded to my query regarding the male singer of the ‘Madhosh’ song in question. I reproduce verbatim the mail given by Sanjeev Kohli, the son of the composer on the issue –

    “Dear Mr. Mishra,
    To the best of my knowledge, it is S.D. Batish as appears in all encylopedias, on the 78rpm, as well as music anthologies.

    I am not aware of G. M. Durrani singing this song.

    but it could also be an error made at HMV way back , which has carried on all these years… though I doubt it.,

    I would like to believe the documented facts , unless someone has substantial reason to believe otherwise.

    Thanks for your interest, and all the best

    Sanjeev Kohli”

    As would be apparent the views of Sanjeev Kohli are that the singer is S.D.Batish.
    The credentials of Sanjeev Kohli do not simply rest on the fact that he is the son of the famous composer, rather stems from his reputation he has built for himself for being associated with the India Music industry for the last three decades as a professional. During his stint at HMV he was instrumental in release a number of archival recordings. As such his views cannot be discounted. Here is the link to credentials of Mr. Kohli –


    Now I have presented two different views by two different persons who have the ‘authority’ to present their comments over the issue which has been substantiated with mention of their credentials. Bawa, I would be happy if you could reveal the identity and the credentials of your ‘resident expert’ who has conclusively said the singer to be G.M.Durrani. Given that if one has to only enjoy the song, this debate over the identity of the singer is meaningless. But, I think it would be of academic interest for the lovers of vintage movie songs. However, I am still waiting for the response from Mr.Chandvankar.

  18. As far as I can see, Sandeep Kohli’s information is also based upon hearsay. May I bounce back one your earlier questions: what are these encyclopedias he is talking about, which list the singers of Madhosh? (Just for the purpose of educating myself)?

    Someone else who has a 78 rpm says Durrani is credited there.

    My resident expert is a secret weapon for the moment :), just someone who has an extremely fine ear and knows a lot about music and voices.

  19. Bawa , doubting the version of Sanjeev Kohli would be without any premises.Being a well known professional in his field,one has to believe the references he is mentioning.Though he has not mentioned the name of the encyclopaedias in his mail, we have to believe that he may be in possession of some references .Apart from it, why should a man of stature of Sanjeev Kohli give some information basing on heresay, that too concerning the identity of a male singer of a song .There must be some basis for his assertions.

    Informations that appear on Discs are not always authentic.We all know how the singer of ‘Aayega aanewala’ on 78 rpm Disc mentioned ‘Kamini’ to be the singer in its first impression.33 rpm Disc of ‘Madhosh’ however mentions only Samshad Begum & chorus’ as the singer.The information must have collected from individual 78 rpm Discs while the 33 rpm version must have been pressed.So the doubt remains.Here is the link to the scanned copy of the sleeve of 33 rpm recordings uploaded on BollywoodVinyl.com –


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