5 comments on “Go to Carlito’s Blog for Good Lata Birthday Posts

  1. Thanks, Dustedoff. Maybe at some point I’ll try to retrace my Net surfing steps to give some credit to the source.

    I like Lata’s braid in this picture. I couldn’t help noticing how much it resembles the braid that Sandhya wears in Teen Batti Char Rasta. :)

  2. Richard, yes – Lata’s braid does look a lot like Sandhya’s in Teen Batti Chaar Raasta! (Great female singers have long and lovely hair?) But till the 80’s at least, long braids were very common. I remember when I was in school, I used to stick out like a sore thumb because I had short hair – all my classmates except a couple had braids!

  3. Oh no, the famous braids! Although in Punjab you might think it was because of Sikh girls, but in fact nearly all girls wore their hair long: in two braids which, if you didn’t get away in time would be finished with 2 ribbons and folded over big bows…bane of our lives.

    In fact, I properly “grew up” the day my mum allowed me to comb my own hair and wear a single braid With a centre Parting!! That must have been when I was 15 or so. With what trivia we felt free!

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