2 comments on ““Ched De Tu Mera Dupatta”

  1. I love Shamshad Begum, especially in Punjabi. Her voice is really suited to the kind of energy and high pitches characteristic of Punjabi folk.

    You have posted a very nice one. My own favourite (from the dozens that I love) is

    just so cheerful AND romantic!

    Talks about lighting a lamp and leaving it on the outer wall so that her lover can find here house, and all the things she does (hot milk, churi= a sweet, getting herself ready…) and the different ways he could get “lost” not recognise the house/it is too dark/ he might pass it by…

  2. Thanks, that one’s sweet.

    I remembered that you’d praised Shamshad Begum before. She’s one of my favorites now too (and lots of people’s, of course).

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