6 comments on “So, What Does This Clip from Arasilankumari Remind You Of?

  1. All I can say is that a lot of movies must have had the heroine with a slingshot. Perhaps that was a popular ploy. I like the guy who rode off with the girl in the second video. Was that Dilip Kumar? He kind of looked like him.

    Thanks for searching these out. You must spend a lot of time on YouTube so that the rest of us can live in peace and just watch your videos :-)

  2. Well spotted, Richard! I have heard the Noor Jehan one, it is in my collection but the second one by Lata is one of my favourites: it is in a cassette I have of Lata songs in the car and it makes any drive nice and cheery!

  3. Hema, I probably do spend too much time on YouTube searching these out, but while letting the rest of you “live in peace” this way, I am bringing myself some peace also, by doing something that is a lot of fun and always putting off more unpleasant things that I need to do. :)

    BTW, yes, the guy in the second video is Dilip Kumar, riding off with Nimmi.

    Bawa, I think both the Lata song and the Noor song are very nice. (The Tamil one…obviously derivative and not as good, but of course I like watching it for Padmini.)

    I watch the Lata song on YouTube when I feel like hearing it, haven’t yet put it into my audio collection. As for the Noor Jehan song, I don’t think I have that one either, but another song from Village Girl, “Kis Tarah Bhoolega Dil,” is on a CD that I have of Noor Jehan songs that I play very often on my discman to cheer myself up while riding the subway. :)

  4. I am glad to hear of other people who put these songs to “timepass” while travelling!
    As my car is old, i.e. no CD even (yes, that old!) I take a selection of old cassettes down. Good way to keep hearing them.
    At the moment I have Lata’s Diamond Collection, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Sufi Qawalis, a set of 4, Reshman, Madan Mohan’s best (2), Tufail Niazi,
    and some that my father gave me: they were coming out of Taj Mahal Tea in India as freebies about 2 years ago: songs selected and presented by Zakir Hussain- quite good:))

    Lastly, bits I taped of the only Hindi programme on main radio when I was a student in London, called LBC’s Geetmala, which used to be aired by Capital Radio.

  5. Bawa, I took a while to get back to this last post because I wanted to talk a little about my recent history of portable listening… But it started to look like a time-consuming project, worth a whole post by itself, so I never really got back to it.

    Your selection certainly looks good. Madan Mohan is one thing we have in common right now. I’ve been listening to the Madhosh soundtrack over and over; it’s just grown on me a whole lot more than when I first wrote it up. (I said that maybe it wasn’t as deep or heavy as other things, but I was a bit wrong. It’s very deep and, as Veda pointed out, covers a wide range.) I also just saw Madhosh and I liked it a lot. Plus, the music was even more impressive because of all the great dramatic background music that you don’t hear on the soundtrack!

    I’d like to hear the Zakir Hussain selections sometime. I saw him in concert way back in the late ’90s, and that was a very good time.

  6. Zakir is great: I had the fortune to hear him at a concert with Hari Prasad Chaurasia at Oxford Uni in the 80s AND have dinner with them in a student flat after, and he was such a down-to-earth person at the time (eye-candy for some people!).
    And while all the Oxford indian post-graduates were busy trying to impress him with their knowledge of classical indian music & the concerts they had been too, he chatted to me & an another undergraduate friend- both tongue-tied & overawed- (from lowly lse) about food, and oxford, and our studies.

    Now thats someone with real grace and manners!

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