7 comments on “Now, This Must Be the Greatest Rain Song!

  1. Thanks, Bawa. It does look like a lovely film, from the clips I’ve seen and the descriptions I’ve read.

    The six pack looks good, though I’d like to continue to avoid buying things online. :) (Plus, I already have Navrang.)

    I have seen many Shantaram films around here at rock-bottom prices (for DVDs in the U.S. anyway). As I’ve said, Teen Batti Char Rasta was only $3, and I could have gotten it at $2.50 if I’d found something else in the bin that I wanted for the two-for-$5 deal. I’ve seen other Shantaram films around at $4 or $5 (Navrang was a $5 bin purchase sometime back). I’m just wondering why I can’t find this one… But I’ll look around in the stores a little more, I haven’t really checked everywhere just yet. :)

  2. I actually didn’t mean for you to buy it online, cos I think in NY you have direct access which is way better. I bought the 6-pack Guru Dutt and they all work, and at 4,20 euros – in India- I thought it was dirt cheap!

    Now that you know it exists you can keep an eye on it, but I guess it will be marked up from the INR prices.

  3. Like the swings, Rains are also an integral part of India.
    The Monsoons are a typical weather phenomena of Indian Sub-continent
    and the success or failure of the Monsoons are linked with the fortunes of the Nation.The arrival in early parts of June at coasts of Kerala which then covers the entire country by August marks the begining of Aricultural season and is vital for Rice cultivation which forms the staple food of the majority.No doubt songs do abound welcoming the Rains in Indian movies.
    This song from the V.Shantaram classic epitomoses this mood

  4. Veda, you have provided very interesting information as you often do…

    I have known that rain and monsoon songs are a big part of Indian cinema. Two other bloggers whom we all know have done good posts on this subject:



    Those were great lists, but of course neither could include everything. In my comments between those two posts, I came up with three more; now I have a fourth personal favorite here. I guess I should post my own list of favorite rain songs one day too. :)

  5. Hey thanks for the shout-out :) This is a really good movie, and I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t find it pretty easily. It’s a classic of Hindi cinema after all (oh, wait, never mind)…

    This song reminds me of “Ghanan Ghanan” from Lagaan a lot…

  6. You’re welcome Memsaab.

    I guess it is a bit like “Ghanan Ghanan.” (I just checked that out again. My mind isn’t quite focused on such contemporary movies these days. :)

    I thought this was a bit like “Hariyala Sawan Dhol” from Do Bigha Zamin. (I guess that one’s a bit obvious, considering they have the same singers.)

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