2 comments on “Oh, That Terrible Sense of Deja Vu! (Reflections on Madhumati (1958))

  1. I liked this, it was good timepass on a rainy day. Love the music. (I also almost always love Pran and Johnny Walker.) I need to try Mahal again. Think I started it at a time when I wasn’t really in the mood for it. So didn’t get far. But I totally *heart* Ashok K in a way that I’ve never been able to appreciate Dilip Kumar.

  2. Hmm, it’s hard to say whether Ashok and Madhubala were better than Dilip and Vyjayanthimala. I often like Ashok’s screen persona a little more than Dilip’s, but it’s very difficult to say who was a better actor. And as for the heroines… In general, I’ve been more a fan of Vyjayanthimala (at least on screen and stage) than Madhubala. But I think that young Madhubala in Mahal was much more mature and impressive as an actress than young Vyjayanthimala in, say, Bahar. (Though back on the other hand, there was the dancing… :) I love Mahal for its music, story, and direction. Of course, the music in Madhumati is fine too and Bimal Roy is nothing to sneeze at (though some reviews indicate that Madhumati was one of his more commercial and less original efforts – a reason for some of the deja vu?)… But I thought Mahal was simply out of this world. :)

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