5 comments on “Megha Mujra: “Mera Pya Ghar Aya”

  1. I’ll have to look more into the history of this song; I think it’s a common song used in a bunch of things. Megha is dancing to Noor Jehan’s version… Here’s one Pakistani film scene with Noor singing it:

    P.S. If we’re comparing film scenes, I like the song much more with Noor Jehan’s voice, though I think the Madhuri film visuals are a bit better. :) On the other hand, I’m not crazy about the Madhuri scene either. She’s great, but I don’t take well to the slickly produced stadium/MTV-like rock star routine. As I’ve said before, often with more contemporary songs, I just prefer watching the Pakistani stage mujras (with all their funny imperfections) to the cinema versions.

  2. The two men sitting in the background look like they’re not too sure what’s going on… at least in the beginning.

    Here’s another, jazzed-up version, the only male version I’ve heard so far, by the famous Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I love his voice and this rendition, but I personally think the song could have done with the techno stuff.

  3. The song is a poem by Bulleh Shah, an 18-th century Punjabi poet and this is one of his his best-known poems.

    I have a non-techno NFAK on a CD, Dawn, Day Dusk Night, highly recommended: all three works there are simply brilliant with extra verses in the introduction of all 3.

    Here is a non-techno version of it, much like my CD, but without the introductory verses.


    A most extensive article on him with translation of his works can be found on apnaorg

    In fact, this is a fantastic site for all poetry and songs in Punjabi, old and new, mostly old.

    Richard, I like the Noor Jehan version, too, she always had something to add to any song!

  4. I was going to look up the history of this song and then I said to myself, no, let’s wait to see if Bawa writes in. :)

    Thanks, Bawa. The article looks very interesting; I’ll have to read it in full a little later.

    Thank you, both Dustedoff and Bawa, for the different versions of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan doing this song.

    Yes, I agree, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is much better without the techno. I remember hearing his voice mixed with electronics a while ago and thinking it was pretty good, but I recalled that the style was dub. Yes, dub…

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