8 comments on “Here’s That Boogie Woogie Song Again!

  1. Yes, that was fun! :)

    Memsaab, do you see Shashikala? I admit I can’t tell. I thought the main actresses in this film were Nutan (who looks different because she’s so young?) and Mohana Cabral (which I wouldn’t have known either, but I read that somewhere. :)

  2. I didn’t think it was Shashikala, watching again I almost sure it isn’t.
    But memsaab is good at recognising people, hmm.

  3. Nice photo! I checked out where it appeared in your review of this film too, and I see that in typcial fashion, Baburao Patel wrote a caption making a reference to the chimp’s appreciation of Mohana for “cushioned comforts.” But I think the male actor in this clip from Nagina could have provided much more cushioning. I’m assuming that must be none other than Gope (of Patanga fame)…

  4. Yes, although to be fair I’m not sure that “cushioned comforts” was meant as a criticism of her :-D I think Baburao was a fan of the cushions. I think Mohana is gorgeous. And of course you are right, that is Gope!

  5. Yes, I agree, it seems as though Baburao was a fan of the “cushions” this time. And Mohana was pretty – though not as pretty as the dancer-actress whom Baburao unquestionably critcized for having a big stomach. :-)

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