15 comments on “A Web Site With an Incredible Collection of Vintage Soundtrack MP3s

  1. Richard, this is the site I was so excited about in the summer and I wrote that long comment about how I found songs that my father had been searching for years…maybe it was on memsaab’s site.

    Ans everyone else seemed to know about it.

    This was also one of my sources for that Durrani debate we had on your site.

    Isn’t it just great! The organisation is not good, I think they were wanting to keep the name of the original collector’s.

    The famous guy from Peshawar’s collection is also going to be there, or there partly already.

    Really fantastic, really should have sister sites so that it never disappears.

  2. David, thanks. I really should try other media players. I’m a bit slow/lazy about adding new things to the computer and trying them out (even though I spend so much time doing other things on the computer!)… And I’m missing only a few songs right now. But I’ll give it a try at some point in the near future.

  3. Bawa, I don’t think you were writing here generally during the summer; I thought you didn’t have as much computer access for that time. It could be that you mentioned this site a little earlier(?), but lots of things have happened since then, so I’m sorry if I don’t remember. I think if you had mentioned the URL and I had visited it, I would have remembered, because I would have been overwhelmed by seeing all this stuff back then too. (Though it could be that you mentioned the URL and I was distracted – but then I must have been very distracted – which is not unlikely, given all the things that have happened this past summer…)

    Anyway, it’s good to know that lots of people knew about this already… But fairly recently, I had a conversation with Memsaab, and we were talking about places to find where we could downlaod a lot of good Noor Jehan songs. I think if either of us had recalled this site, it would have entered the conversation. (Though, admittedly, as I’ve discovered, the sound quality on a couple of the soundtracks (such as Zeenat) is not great, either, but as the saying goes, you can’t have everything! Mirza Sahiban sounds pretty good. I’ve downloaded that and Jugnu and Lal Haveli and am greatly enjoying all of these.)

  4. And here are a couple of the articles still available on the internet on “The Music Man of Peshawar



    The great thing about Surjit Singh is that he has brought together so many of the collector’s collections (is it possible to say that?)

    At the moment I am unable to play them while working because my work is also involves listening…such a pity!

    If you are curious the ghazal that my Dad was longing for this

    [audio src="http://hindi-films-songs.com/hcjsongs/cd1-15-na-tum-mere.mp3" /]

    According to him it was the biggest hit ghazal of his childhood. And he still criticises Jagjit Singh for not beginning his compilation of the history of Hindi Film Ghazals with it: one of his pet grouses!

  5. Bawa, you keep sending so much good information and so many links! I will have to get back to you on all of this in a little while…

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m not working much these days, but when I do a midnight proofreading shift, it’s not only possible for me to listen to all this music, it’s essential! (I play it the old fashioned way – on my discman! – all through the night. Unfortunately, I might eventually have to get work at which this activity won’t be permitted or possible. If things get really bad, maybe I’ll be stuck working in some store or office where I’ll have to hear American muzak all day. But I might be able to listen to my discman if I end up begging in the streets – I have seen a few panhandlers with headphones on… )

  6. Didn’t mean to bring on all those dark thoughts…cheer up, a lot of the songs on that site do just that!

    The Man in Peshawar is interesting as to how very ordinary people stubbornly carry on doing what they like to do, independent of govt or social opposition.

    I like working with this kind of music as background too. At the moment am translating videos so of course music is out :(

  7. Sorry, it was my fault; I didn’t mean to go off on such a tangent. Though, of course, while some of these soundtracks might “cheer up,” moroseness, morbitiy, and despair aren’t exactly alien attitudes in many ’40s Hinid movies. In fact, I enjoy some for that quality – you don’t see many mainstream films from other places and eras dive so unlfilchingly into the depths. It’s nice sometimes to take in a ’40s Hindi film and wallow in the darkness! Though the bad times in these movies often end up being so much more romantic than true grim reality…

    Looking at the article a little, I see that The Man in Peshawar had to withstand some cultural attacks upon his beloved film music. Well, that doesn’t seem to be uncommon in the NWFP. In recent times, I’ve read plenty about singers and dancers being thereatened and attacked by fundementalists. (I don’t think many popular singers from the area stay there for life. Not that I know of many, but I’m thinking right now about Nazia Iqbal.) The people in the NWFP can’t be having an easy time… Now, hundreds of thousands have fled the extreme violence resulting from the escalation of the “crackdown” by the “other side” (the Pakistani army – under great pressure from the U.S. government) and, of course, they’ve suffered more than enough drone-bombed wedding parties. But, anyway, just more dark thoughts and tangents (already edited, btw).

  8. Sorry, that means another link, but since you asked for it.


    Originally published in Tehelka.

    The format they have been using is to leave the camera running while the boys carry on doing their normal tasks, cooking, talking in the tent, callling their families, discussing…and the same when they filmed it in india (this summer when i was there), all in Punjabi

    So they have no idea what they are filming and my work consists in translating all that so that they can pck out stuff to use. Also provide general background material and by now, talk to the boys in Ceuta to keep their hopes up, it is pretty harrowing.

    If you are on facebook, you may become friends of “Los Tigres del Monte” to join their cause.

    Will let you know when the film comes out. Its going to be long or in two parts. Lets see.

  9. The content at his site is great, but he seriously needs a good designer to go in and revamp it (me?) :D

    It makes my head ache after a while, trying to find stuff. A fine example of how poor user experience can ruin something that could be great. Even just some simple navigation would help a LOT.

  10. ps: On a more positive note, I have a link in my sidebar to his very useful gallery of actor/actress screen caps. It has come in handy quite often!

  11. Bawa,

    I finally was able to take some time to catch up on some stuff in old comments that I hadn’t been able to spend adequate time on earlier, so I looked some more at this very interesting project you’re involved in, which I have neglected to comment on (up until now). And it is a very interesting story! I have some questions on my mind regarding your role in this, such as… How did you end up working on this project? And is it part of larger involvement with the organization putting this together? Is this something that you are doing for a living too, or is it more a matter of being involved in a cause? (I got the impression that it’s more like the latter…) Please don’t feel any obligation to answer these questions (I’m not sure how much you can go into this in comments on my blog), but these are things that I was left wondering :) …

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