4 comments on ““Ya Qurban” from Kabuliwala (1961)

  1. Yes, a greet find. Kabuliwala had fabulous music; Ae mere pyaare watan is definitely my favourite patriotic song, and I also like Ganga aaye kahaan se a lot. There’s something so very gentle about it.

  2. Have you see the film? I loved it, although I don’t know if I could bear to sit through it again. The songs are just fantastic.

    And it had one of our favourite kiddies song
    “Kabuliwallah aaya, kabuliwallah aaya…”

    Dustedoff, Ay mere pyaare watan is a globally patritotic song, applies to anyone, anywhere.

  3. bawa, that’s what I like about Ae mere pyaare watan – it’s not country-specific. It’s just such a beautifully evocative song, lyrics, music and Manna De’s voice all combined: never fails to give me gooseflesh!

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