6 comments on “My Newest, Oldest Favorite Year In Hindi Film Music

  1. Forgot to add that the last one was one I used to be in love with as a teenager: and hadn’t remembered about it in years….

  2. You have chosen really fantastic songs, all of which are my favourite. BTW, great to know you’re a Zeenat Begum Ji fan like me (a die-hard one?) :)

    I’ve worked hard to come up with this tribute to her, an article on her with her Indian Hindi film song list and her statistics with composers and singers, do please take a look ;) Hope you like it, please do tell me how it is:



  3. Hi, Vidur. That is a very comprehensive post on Zeenat Begum – nice! In my browser the format’s a bit odd in some places, as words seem to go over a border, but it’s not a big issue, especially considering how much care you took to get all this info in… I will have to add this blog to my blogroll. But I’ve already got a few others of yours in there. Wouldn’t you like to import some posts from one to the other to consolidate? :)

    Thanks for the info on the Panna song. I see that it is actually posted right on the clip at the beginning. But this blog post is more than a year and a half old; maybe the info was added later (or the formatting changed, enabling the info to be shown). As of this writing, I will also have to replace the Ratan clip, but that’s not going to be a problem.

    Since I wrote this post, I have found more great soundtracks from 1944. Of course, if I did this list now, Dost would be there. And maybe My Sister, which I’m checking out right now. And I’m sure I could find a few others…

  4. Thanks for appreciating! Yes, I do plan to link the blogs, and will take a look at the formatting very soon.

    Yes, in fact, it was I who gave Vintage the info :) So it was added later.

    You’re post is still great, and addition of these songs would make it more interesting as well :) Do keep it up!

    Hope you’re fine there, with best wishes.

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