6 comments on “Two Different Actresses, Two Different Languages, Same Beautiful Voice

  1. Richard,

    Both parts are sung by Noor Jehan. The part picturized on Mussarat is in Urdu and the one picturized on Noor Jehan is in Punjabi. Patey Khan was a punjabi film released in 1955. It was a rare and unique film in many ways. It was the first time Noor Jehan gave playback to any actress (while still a singing star). The film is historical because the most famous female playback singer of that time Zubaida Khanum made a rare appearance in this film (acted as a side heroine in this film)… and it is nice to see her sing and put Noor Jehan to sleep in this film!

    In the 50’s Noor Jehan was still a singing star and with few exceptions she hardly did any playback singing. Therefore, in the 50’s the most famous playback singer in Pakistan was Zubaida Khanum.

  2. Yes, indeed, both parts are sung by Noor Jehan – as I said, same beautiful voice! I didn’t know that this was Noor Jehan’s playback singing debut – thanks for the info. (Although I keep thinking that she must have done at least one scene of playback singing for some actress back in a Bollywood…)

    I like Zubaida Khanum too.

  3. Hello Richard,

    Patey Khan was her playback singing debut in Pakistan. As far as her pre-partition movies are concerned, she sang for Shahsikala in Zeenat (1945). I read somewhere that she also gave playback to Husn Bano in 1943, I forgot the name of the film, i think it was Nadan. Yeah sorry, I was in a hurry and somehow I missed the whole title “Same beautiful voice” lol!

  4. Mister_Jinx. thanks for the info – I thought she might have done playback singing in some of those pre-partition films. I would love to find Zeenat on DVD with subs some day! (But I already went on a “wild goose chase” after being misled that I could get Village Girl with subs, so I’m not holding my breath… :)

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