4 comments on “Iqbal Bano on Neelo in Nagin (Urdu, 1959)

  1. Iqbal has always been a heroine to me after her amazing (and defiant) rendering of the banned Faiz’s “Hum Dekhenge” .

    Nagin was a big hit in Pakistan, but I do not know whether the plot was similar to the Indian Nagin.

  2. Actually, during the past day or so, I’ve treated myself to repeated viewings her singing “Hum Dekhenge” in a clip that I found on YouTube . I’ve stored that clip and a few others in a post that is going to go out for November 20. (November 20 is the 25th Anniversary of a sad event in Pakistan – maybe you know or can guess what that is – but don’t tell anyone here! ;-) I could probably soon add that performance to the list of songs I’ve played the most times consecutively, because I can just play it over and over again.

    She was a bit older in the “Hum Dekhenge” performance, so I thought it would be fun to look at some of her earlier filmi songs. I watched a song of hers in Ishq-e-Laila, but the Nagin one caught my attention more.

    And, it’s a nice one for the swings theme too… I can’t find out whether the plot was similar to the Indian Nagin… The film looks different, but this particular song has some similarity in the music.

  3. Hum dekhenge was on my short-list the other day, but have to admit I have played Abhi to mein jawan hoon many more times.

    Isn’t it a fantastic poem? And she renders it with such feeling!

    Will wait for the 25th Nov post and add my two cents.

    I guess you will have come across these before, but just in case


    only audio but Noor Jehan is sublime as she sings, voice-only, in a very quiet tone…

  4. Thanks, I’ve got one of those Noor Jehan clips queued up too. :)

    I’m sure that these Faiz poems must be particularly great if you understand the original Urdu. Or course, I must depend on translations, but the words are still very moving, even in translations that are sometimes apparently flawed. (There are times when I really regret not learning Urdu as I at one time thought I would. But maybe someday…)

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