4 comments on “Back to “Laila Laila Laila”

  1. The first song you posted is from Ishq-E-Laila and was sung by Zubaida Khanum. Once on Radio Pakistan, they mentioned this trivia that the word “Laila” has been used over 60 times in this song! I haven’t counted it myself though lol! The lyrics of this song are in very persianized Urdu and many words are even hard enough for me to understand…

  2. Thanks for filling in the info about the singer; I’m getting a bit lazy about that. (BTW, I knew already that it was sung by Zubaida Khanum – but maybe other people don’t. :) Interesting re. the Persianized Urdu…

  3. Richard,

    Sorry! My fault! I just kinda assumed that you didn’t know who the playback singer is! But now checking some other posts on your blog, it looks like you know more about Desi films and singers as compared to Desis themselves. Therefore, i will keep my mouth shut from now on lol! I find your blog fascinating because it gives us interesting insights into foreigners views on Desi films , music and stuff. And I love to visit it from time to time.

  4. Mister_Jinx, once again, nice words very much appreciated. :) I’m glad you enjoy this blog. I doubt that I know more about Desi films and singers in general than Desis themselves, it’s just that I focus obsessively on certain things that I like. :) The comments here have also been very educational. Wtih Pakistani films and singers, I have already picked up a few good bits of info from you and Bawa and probably a few other people too.

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