14 comments on “A Bunch of Reasons to Like Rehana

  1. Hello
    looks like a lovely post..and haven’t got time to watch it! but will do so soon, i promise.

  2. Bawa, I thought you were still away on your trip when you sent this, so I was surprised to see any comment at all from you yet. Anyway, thank you for the nice words, even if based on only a partial viewing. Hope you are back to say more soon!

  3. Hi. Sorry, not interested in this film, and I can’t see what it has to do with Rehana and these films above. Given the lack of connection, I have to wonder if you’re spamming me (no offense if you aren’t, though). Still, your site might have some useful Bollywood information, so I don’t mind the referral here.

  4. richard, i realise I have started commenting again, but didn’t tell you i was back; but as I am still with the film project, and also painting the living room, and a dozen other things…have not had time to watch all the posts. But will catch up.

    London was great, and the trip was very successful. I also got interviewed by a local channel that broadcasts on the internet, if they warn me in time I shall let you know the time and date in advance.

  5. It took me a few days to catch up on comments myself. Welcome back, Bawa. Glad to hear that the trip to London went so well. I hope you are able to let me know about the time and date of the interview. (BTW, will this be a YouTube-posted, taped appearance, like the kind that I’ve seen of both Memsaab and Dustedoff, or is it a streamed kind o thing?)

  6. Thanks for the info, Richard!
    When I used to read her name in the encyclopedia (or was it just a list of hindi movies) I always used to wonder, how she looked, since I’d never ever seen amovie with her.
    Now Iknow a lot much more, thanks to you!
    a great blog, should visit more often!

  7. Is it Dulari in Shehnai?
    During the times,w e didn’t know her name, my brother used to call her, ‘the one who appears from behind the door’.

  8. Thank you for the nice words, Harvey – much appreciated.

    I don’t know about whether Dulari is in Shehnai. She’s not in the cast list that I looked at. I don’t know much about what Dulari looks like… I thought she might be the mystery woman whom Memsaab pointed out in Shair (because I looked at a list for that and knew about five of the actresses and had narrowed it down to two…), but Memsaab said that wasn’t Dulari. So, probably, your guess on this one is better than mine. :)

  9. The actress in Shehnai is definitely Dulari. She also danced with Rehana and Mumtaz Ali (Mehmoods father) in the song “Ana meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday” in the same film – the song which marked the westernization of music in Hindi films by C. Ramchandra

  10. Madhav, thank you for visiting this post from 5 1/2 years ago! Hopefully, soon I will upload – or re-link to – the songs that disappeared from this post. :) I just checked YouTube, and there are some audio copies of songs from Rangili, but I don’t see a film clip. (You may have found that out yourself, too.) I don’t know if anybody is going to fulfill your wish and upload an actual video from that film. Maybe they aren’t available?

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