3 comments on ““Kahan Le Chale Ho” (Farewell, Bina Rai. RIP)

  1. Bina Rai was sooo lovely. I love what Asha Parekh had to say about her – Bina Rai did look very elegant and classy. And if I had to pick favorite Bina Rai songs, this one and Yeh zindagi usi ki hai (the sad version of the song from Anarkali) would top my list!

  2. Hi, Bollyviewer. Glad you liked the Asha Parekh comments. Yes, Bina Rai was lovely. It’s hard to say which “Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hai” sounds better, or which one Bina Rai is better in, but the sad one is quite a scene!

  3. she was also lovely in Taj Mahal.
    Another film where I remember her -but not the films name- is where Ashok Kumar? is a doctor married to a woman who rejects any physical “touch” once they have had a child, and Bina Rai comes as this really sexy patient…a rather unusual storyline for a Hindi film, at least for starters.
    Does anyone else remember it?
    All the oldies said that Prem Nath really mistreated her after their marriage: the exact words were: “drove her crazy” =pagal kar diya…

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