4 comments on “Madam Noor Jehan Website To Be Launched On 23rd December 2009

  1. Richard, to share some more old singers info with you.
    Can you guess the singer in this song, very much in the 40s style

    It is the renowned Punjabi singer Surinder Kaur, who sung (very well) a few songs in the late 40s but then disappeared from the Hindi film industry. A list can be found here

    It was Punjabi music’s gain, as she became the Grand Dame of Punjabi folk and other music, and had an amazing voice, control and range were incredible.

    She belonged to a well-to do family of Jats in Punjab, and singing was frowned upon or forbidden. Her elder sister Prakash Kaur and her are said to have sneaked away at night after everyone had gone to bed to sing at village weddings!

    Until recently, no videos were available of her. Now someone from the UK has posted a few recorded over there by Asia TV, and she can be seen alone and in company of Asa Singh Mastana (they were just good singing partners). He was this short, rotund, nice man with a voice described as “honeyed” and she was this tall, grand woman, with this full-blown high-pitched voice, and they made a great duet team.

    Am posting this slow song from them (there are many others), as I think you will appreciate what a fine singer she was, and what the Hindi film industry lost by letting her go.

  2. Hi, Bawa. I don’t know if I could have guessed the singer in the first clip on my own, but I’ve known about Surinder Kaur. A little over six months ago, I posted a video here of various versions of “Mera Laung Gawacha,” and the first one in the batch was a great version by Surinder Kaur. (Too bad that one got removed by the user…)

    Unfortunately, since I’ve just spent a lot of time and energy endlessly praising Noor Jehan again, I’m going to have to get back to these clips tomorrow. I have looked at parts of them briefly, and they do look and sound good!

    (Unfortunately, the second link that you provided doesn’t seem to work, so you might want to double-check that.)

    Getting back to the first clip, though, I wanted to mention that I love Ghulam Haider! Just the other day, I was watching a bunch of clips from a Ghulam Haider movie made in 1941 (which I might do a post on, maybe)… There’s one clip that reminded me a lot of the party scene in Khandan, only it was better! In the event that you don’t know about this movie already, It should take you about a third of a second to recognize the singer…

  3. Computer gets stuck after the first frame of the song, but is it Manorma of the “comic” fame? She is very pretty here.

    When I am able to hear the song, I shall let you know re the singer.

    I thought you would know about Surinder Kaur, but the fact that she sung for Hindi films and Ghulam Haider is not known to many.
    Badnaam na ho jaye, was a big hit in ots day and is still recognisable today as it always pops up on oldies programmes, but most people would attribute it to Noor Jehan or some other singer of the era.

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