7 comments on “Two Great Sites and My Obsession with Noor Jehan

  1. Glad to know Richard you liked our offering of site and youtube channel as tribute to Madam. We hope to add more to the site as well as the associated youtube channel in the coming future. Both me and Inaam would love to have you contribute articles to the site at your convenience too. (we do have a blog section which will come up with time). By the way, the site is an Indo-Pak collaboration (ekdam fifty-fifty as of now!). As more hands join in that may change though!

  2. Hilderbrand, thanks for the invitation; maybe I will take you up on it sometime. Meanwhile, there’s already plenty up on these sites, and I look for reading a whole lot on the main site (most of it for the first time) and watching lots of clips on the YouTube site (most of which I’ve seen before – but that doesn’t stop me from watching them again and again)…

  3. I stumbled on to your blog and I am delighted to find that you find Noor Jehan’s voice as enchanting as I do. Greatly enjoyed reading about your admiration for this amazing singer. I started a blog sometime ago but it has been totally latent for the past six months. I should revive it and discuss more of her gems. Please take a look when you can.

    The madamnoorjehan site and the companion youtube channel is simply awesome!


  4. Gulab, I am glad you stumbled upon my blog! I have so far been able to look at your blog only briefly, but it does seem very interesting, and you keep picking my favorite songs. :) You seem very well informed about the music as well. Added to that, it’s interesting how you bring in English poetry, and apparently know a good deal about that too. (I don’t remember any of this poetry, and I was supposedly an A student within my English major ages ago. :) I hope you will pick up with that blog again sometime soon.

  5. Thank you, Richard, for taking a quick look. I am glad the songs in those six posts are also your favorites. I will try to add more to the blog and revive it. I admire your beautiful posts – actually I had seen your blog more than a year ago but then forgot about it. I will now read it regularly. With good wishes for 2010,

  6. Hello Richard,

    It is not just Noor Jehan, I have seen many people who consider their favorite singers as saints or even gods… Being an active member of Hamaraforums (and before that of SKS yahoo groups) for several years, I know this kind very well. Sometimes they can get really annoying, when they don’t hear other person’s point of view or get really defensive. I have seen so many wars erupt between the fans of many singers.. the most famous being Kishore Kumar versus Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhosle versus Lata Mangeshkar, Noor Jehan versus Lata Mangeshkar etc etc. Sometimes those fights are fun, sometimes they can get real ugly. Many times people have been banned from hamaraforums for starting or taking part in such fights… But then there are also many people like us too who try to give objective opinions even though we all have personal likes and dislikes…

    Also, I think you are generalizing a bit here. I am a Pakistani myself, and I am a big fan of many old singers including Geeta Dutt, Noor Jehan, Asha Bhosle, Suraiya, Shamshad Begum, Zubaida Khanum etc but I never let my obsession take over. I have made many “jokey” comments on Noor Jehan and Lata Mangeshkar and other singers, started some funny light hearted posts (for example Naughty songs of Noor Jehan on hamaforums) and sometimes even criticized them too.

    Also I dont know where you got the idea that being a Jew, people would think of you any differently. Probably, you already know this that among all religions Islam is very similar to Judaism. Muslims can marry jews, can eat kosher meat and there are lots of other similarities. They are the people of book. I am sure if Noor Jehan was alive, she would be very very happy to see that someone from USA is her devout fan.

    Therefore, just by reading some comments on youtube or the internet, you shouldn’t be generalizing…

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