10 comments on “Forget Dickens – I Liked This Much More!

  1. Coincidence: my sister was singing this yesterday! When I mentioned I’d seen it on a blog the other day, she said she’d been reminded of it because some commercial (on radio, I think) included a couple of lines from the start of the song.

  2. That is an odd coincidence, considering that the reason I finally saw this movie during the past couple of days had nothing to do with my seeing or hearing any of it anywhere. The reason I finally saw this movie is that I found the Yash Raj DVD of it – which I had previously seen in one of the bigger Indian DVD stores for $12 – sitting in some little store’s $4.99 bin.

    Of course, since I live in the U.S. and always have, the thought of someone just spontaneously singing this song seems utterly strange to me. :)

    I wonder which lines were quoted in the commercial. The song and movie both have some Raj Kapoor-style socialist themes to them, but I suppose one could easily use some of these lines to promote some capitalist-entrepreneurial kind of pursuit too. (And the hyper-emphasis on work ethic can have problematic results too if it’s not used in conjunction with the idea of building a better society together…but I think the film itself does show some awareness of that…)

  3. Oh, we sing a lot of songs – or bits of them – spontaneously. Partly, of course, it’s because as a family we’re mad about music. Hindi, 50’s and 60’s English, choir music – the works. Even Christmas carols in Latin!

    As far as this song is concerned, the spontaneous singing was restricted to the first couple of lines, and my sister sang that mainly because it’s a catchy tune rather than because of the words. I’ve no idea what the commercial is about, but I think it probably focuses on the “My little boy, what do you hold in your fist?” line – cookies clutched in a fist? Candies? Ad agencies in India are notorious for picking up a single line from a well-known song and making it fit something totally different. Will ask my sister the next time I meet her.

  4. I enjoyed looking at thst review… You seem to have particular ease with picking out the right screen caps, and you have so many of them! (Unfortunately, screen caps slow me down a lot when I want to use them in a review… Putting nice pics in the sidebar is a different matter, but I can’t help taking forever trying to pick caps to go with whatever it is I’m saying about the plot.) Incidentally, I don’t think there’s anybody who wasn’t put off a little by the last few minutes of the film. But the film as a whole is still a very moving, rewarding experience.

  5. I agree, i myself find it tedious most times but when i’m watching i note the particular scene i find striking and then scrren cap later, i find it easier that way

  6. Hi Richard, thanks for linking me to this – as you know, I love Raj Kapoor’s films. Even ones that he didn’t direct (though this was supposed to be remade by him – he certainly added the songs to the film after it was shot). I liked this film very much indeed, including the ending. :)

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