5 comments on “Congratulations, Sandhya!

  1. You’re welcome. I thought Sandhya kind of fit into the “whatever happened to” category, so when I saw this news and picture about a recent public appearance, I had to share it. Besides, she is one of my favorites!

  2. congrats to Sandhya i shall be doing V shantaram week sometime next year and i did love her quirkiness in all Shantaram’s films. When i think sandhya Tum saiyan kulake phool from Navrang jumps to mind

  3. Bollywooddeewana, I am definitely looking forward to that V. Shantaram week. I am right now consuming those Shantaram films fairly quickly, in part because there is a store near me that’s selling a bunch of them in the 3-for-$10 bin. :) Tonight I have been glancing at Parchhain and Pinjra, and I can’t decide which one to watch next. (Unfortunately, out of all his films between the early ’50s and the ’70s, the only one I can’t seem to find in this place or anywhere is Do Aankhen Barah Haath!)

    That Navrang song is a good one; thanks for reminding me of it. When I think of Navrang, the first song that always comes to mind is the Holi song “Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat,” which I consider a great moment for Shantaram, Sanhya, C. Ramchandra and Asha Bhosle. But I’ve already posted that so many times. :)

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