7 comments on “Beautiful Songs from Parchhaiyan (1952)

  1. Richard,

    What a fine write-up! The last song was a revelation to me as I had not heard it before. It is indeed beautiful with great percussion defining the dance rhythm. Thank you also for drawing reference to my blog for the first song. I also appreciate the active link you have provided for dil ka diya jalaya. Best regards,

  2. Gulab, compliment much appreciated :) , and I was happy to draw reference to your blog since you posted such fine songs and discussed them in such an interesting way. And I agree about the last song above – the percussion is great. C. Ramchandra composed some of the best rhythmic music for dances, in addition to creating those dreamy, romantic or sad numbers.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Richard. I have gained some nice information reading this post about this movie. Even otherwise, this is a highly informative blog for me. Keep it up !


  4. Atul,

    Thank you! It is very good to hear that my blog could be informative for you, considering how much information – and great viewing/listening – I have gained from your blog!

  5. such a melody is history now.I think the combination of Lata-C.Ramchandra &Lata-Hemant Kumar have been the best ever.
    The music, voice and the words touch the soul and this is the essence of music.
    Ravi Sinha

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