9 comments on “Blind (Wo)Man’s Bluff In The Late 1940s

  1. Lovely song, I hadn’t heard it before, Suraiya is unique in her beauty and her smile and there are not many full dance only numbers in films (a pity).

  2. Bawa, thanks, glad you liked that song. But I think I like the first even more… That’s a nice clip of Geeta Bail (from her first film). Plus, I really like the singing – how could I not, it’s a duet with Geeta Roy and Rajkumari! The music is vey pleasant too – haven’t heard much about this music director, Snehal Bhakter.

    Of course the music is very nice in the second one too – and I think I’ve said enough about Naushad. :) I agree that there are not many (or not enough) full dance only numbers in films… But with Suraiya, I think she was probably a bit better at singing than dancing. :)

  3. Oh I didn’t recognise Geeta Bali at all: actually I saw only the beginning of the song, the rest on audio while I was doing some work…
    I did watch Suraiya, and while she was not a dancer, she is has lot of grace and elegance in her movements. But then, most heroines from that era did learn to move that way; nowadays it seems to be more about how many jerks per second.

  4. richard, knowing you, you must have already seen this interview of Shamshad Begum. I am just fascinated to hear her talk, I never ever have even seen that…

    will try and summarise it for you if I get the time, promise.

  5. Richard,

    Suhaag Raat is not Geeta Bali’s first film (maybe her first film in prominent role)… She appeared as a dancer in a couple of films made in Lahore before this…

    The other woman in this song is Begum Para, who was perhaps the only vintage Bollywood actress whose pictures were published in Life Magazine.

  6. Mr Jinx, thanks for the info.
    Richard, your posting Geeta Bali has brought me -once again- to a song that I become obsessed with from time to time.
    Beautiful music, lyrics are fantastic, Shamshad at her best and Geeta Bali’s elegant dancing like none other’s….always think its a pity that its wasted on screen on that cardboard villian! I am sure you know which one by now

  7. Mister_Jinx, I kind of suspected that there must have been some smaller movies Geeta Bali had been in first, though a few sites call this one her first one. Thanks for the info.

    Bawa, thanks for the clip. Very nice music, of course. I wondered if I had this soundtrack somewhere, but no… I have Dillagi, but not Dulari. :)

  8. Bawa, sorry I’ve taken a little while to get back to some of your comments… I hadn’t seen this Shamshad Begum interview before and, yes, it is interesting to see and hear. A summary would be great, whenever you feel like sending one.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful link to Shamshad Begum’s interviews!
    Gives an insight into her life and thoughts in the very fact that she hardly remembers anything. As she says she didn’t sing for glory, she sang for the song’s sake!

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