8 comments on “Hind Rostom in Struggle on the Nile (Arabic, 1959)

  1. Oh, this sounds fabulous! I’m off to search for it, though with little hope of success… :-( I’m pretty sure my DVD rental company won’t have it, and DVD stores in Delhi? Nah.

  2. Dustedoff, glad my incomplete writeup inspired you to look for this!

    But I don’t even have any idea which DVD stores would have this in the U.S., either, since I got it at the New York Public Library. :) The copy I got was a special remastered copy from Arab Film Distribution (and the quality is pretty good):


    Unfortunately, I’ve already heard that these old Egyptian films are more expensive than the old Indian ones. But I’m going to look around myself to see what I can find (in addition to checking out [from] the library again)…

  3. Fortunately, at least where DVDs are concerns, the low prices seem to carry over from India to Indian stores in New York.

    I’m enjoying my third classic Arabic DVD right now, but I imagine I will exhaust the supply at the library pretty soon. And then if I ever become one fraction as acquainted with Arabic movies as I’ve become with Hindi ones, I’ll almost never find the exact ones I want at the library and will have to shell out $18 myself. Guess I better be careful…

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