4 comments on “Scenes from Bhookailas (Telugu, 1958), with Subs!

  1. Yay! I know you had recommended this one so I’m happy to get to see some videos. Helen, and the special effects, are wonderful in that second clip! One thing I find interesting in the first video is Kamala’s costume. I’ve noticed back in the 50s-70s the classical dance costumes often had fans that were only attached to one leg. I don’t like it at all! It makes the fan swing awkwardly, whereas the costumes today are attached on both sides and fan out beautifully. I think I will definitely have to check this film out!

  2. Oh my, my favorite movie in the whole world. How did you get it???
    That too with subtitles. I envy you. I would like to get this copy. You can tell me where you got it. I love all the dances. Isn’t Gopi Krishna in this, dancing in Kailas for Shiva and Parvati? He does a Shiva Tandavam and it is extremely hard. It is too bad Kamala Lakshman is cross eyed.
    thanks very much for posting this!!

  3. Well, actually, I never got the copy that these clips were taken from – I just found them at TeluguOldIsGold. I did get to watch a copy with subtitles somewhere else online but the quality wasn’t very good and it was a bit of a challenge because the subtitles were somewhat out of sync with the dialogue. (There were some instructions about how to put them more in sync, by calling up a second copy and coordinating them, but it was impossible to do!) Still, I did enjoy it. And I think it’s fairly easy to find this by Googling (which is how I did it) – it’s probably on a few sites.

    I recalled that Gopi Krishna was in the film too and I looked for him but just couldn’t find him in this particular set of clips.

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