15 comments on “Martin Scorsese to Restore Uday Shankar’s Kalpana

  1. sir it is but amazing would be great for the film but is the negative dupe available with the world film foundation or any one else anywhere …as far as i m informed the only complete negative dupe in mint condition belongs to a very close friend of mine in India .. we would be very much of assistance if mr marting could contact us directly for the development of the film

  2. richard,
    thank u very much for ur valuable suggestion i have already written to them , however i have received no response from the foundation so far … my friend is very keen on getting in touch with them ASAP

  3. This is really a great initiative. Thanks to Mr Scorsese. I look forward to seeing the restored version of ‘Kalpana’.

  4. hello
    is there any one who could get me the email of Mr. Martine or any one else who is connected to him concerning the film KALPANA

  5. this is such great news for the ones are still to see the film. The film now being restored still does not ensure that it will be exhibited for the aam junta or does it??

  6. Kiran, speaking for myself, as someone who’s always been in Scorsese’s own country, the U.S…. If I am understanding that term correctly, you’re wondering if it will be exhibited for regular people, not just the privileged and people “in the know”?

    Well, I can’t imagine that in my own country – and Scorcese’s – this could play as anything more than an art film for people with a special interest. I have no idea if it could play as something with wider distribution or appeal in India or other countries. (Russia? I know they loved Padmini, and ballet has always been pretty big over there too. :)

    It would be interesting to hear if people have any thoughts about that. (And will it even be in movie theaters much, or just a thing for DVD?) Honestly, I haven’t pondered these questions, as my concerns have been more selfish – i.e., I will be satisfied enough if I just have a chance to see it myself some day. :)

  7. Aam (common) Junta (people)…..sorry for not doing that before.
    I want this to reach out to a wider audience in India as its an important part of our film making history. I however know for a fact this would not release as a commercial film in theaters (no profit making entity is going to take that risk). There is still a glimmer of hope that it will make it to some film festival where one has a chance to watch this rare gem and I am there when it happens:). I am simply not in favor of watching it on DVD (at least for the 1st time when I am watching it).

  8. What is the present status of the restoration work? The Film Kalpana is a pioneering work and so we are very much eagar to see the film again.

  9. Angsujit, unfortunately, I’ve been asking the same question myself. Not much info to be found lately, but I’m hoping we see/hear something soon.

  10. Where, actually, would a copy be available from? India, USA?
    I’ve been waiting to see this for many years now.

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