8 comments on “A Slightly Belated Happy Birthday to Nalini Jaywant

  1. Thank you for that, Richard! Loved them – and all songs I like too. (Of course, the presence of Nalini Jaywant makes them all the more enjoyable).

  2. Thanks for these beautiful songs, richard!
    I also love this shikast song of hers: kare badra too na ja na ja!
    Happy belated Birthday to Nalini Jaywant.

  3. Oh, and another Nalini Jaywant song I like a lot:

    Thandi hawaein lehraake aayein, from Naujawan:

    Of course, for me, Prem Nath is an added attraction!

  4. dustedoff: that song must also be a favourite with Lata herself as it always used to feature in her live concerts: much like aayega, and aaja re pardesi…

  5. Harvey and Dustedoff, thanks for the songs, also good ones.

    BTW, it seems that Lata has stolen all the attention in this Nalini birthday post. :) (Though the first song up is sung by Asha.)

    I have to say, out of the whole bunch, I’ve gotten to like that one from Nau Bahar the most.

    I really love Roshan’s music sometimes. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a numbered list of my favorite music directors – it would be too difficult to chose some favorites over others (at least after giving the number one spot to Naushad…).

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