8 comments on “Two More Silly Remixes

  1. kids actually bought this D J Doll dvd 4 yrs ago in India: they were looking for a clip they had seen, and someone told them it was in here.
    I think it is the first dvd that we have actually thrown away without having watched it…good it was cheap!

  2. No, the clip they wanted wasn’t there, and some of the video clips were too embarrassing? this one is in fact, the best of the lot.
    It is not true I threw it out straight away as for a couple of years it actually was useful: in propping up a lopsided shelf or something…

  3. the Jal bin machli remix is highly hilarious, they’ve mashed up with bits of Beyonce’s Baby boy and that’s indeed a fragment of mehbooba mehbooba in the second song which is was also inspired by demi Roussosss’s ‘say you love me’

  4. Thank you for the information, Bollywooddeewana! I think I saw someone in the YouTube comments to the “Jal Bin Machli” remix say something about Beyonce (if not in comments to this edition, then another), but I confess I wouldn’t have been able to identify it on my own. (Maybe that means I’m really out of it where mainstream contemporary western pop/r’n’b music is concerned. But unfortunately, whenever I’ve heard Beyonce, she has just had no effect on me whatsoever, though I admit I have found it mildly pleasing to look at her image sometimes.)

    I had absolutely no memory of Demi Roussoss either (though there was something familiar-sounding about that song), but that clip is great! And who are those dancers? Could they be Pans People, by any chance?

  5. Yes, they do look similar… I think they’re a little better in Rossoss’s clip, but I had to include the George Harrison clip for the Indian relevance. :) In some of their other dances, they’re a little funkier (so not quite as dreary, IMO), and even more similar-looking to the dancers behind Mr. Roussoss.

  6. P.S. OK, I’ve been looking up his stuff a little…interesting! (I also found out the correct way to spell his name – it’s “Roussos.” :)

    Check out this excellent video for Demi Roussos and the Moroccan singer Hasna doing “Far Away”:

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