3 comments on “A Beautiful Scene from Journey Beyond Three Seas (aka Pardesi) (1957)

  1. Ooooo!! You found this on youtube! I’m off to bookmark it (and hopefully watch it soon – or maybe download it – while it’s still around). By the way, the Russian version, with English subtitles, is available on Amazon: I’d added it to my wishlist a while back and had been thinking of finally ordering it. Here’s the link:

  2. Hello, Minai. Thank you for the link. Though you might notice that in the post after this one, I have a link to the film with English subtitles. :)

    Thanks also for providing a link to a scene in which Padmini does bharatanatyam.

    Of course, there is that other Padmini bharatanatyam scene in the movie… I happened to get a great new copy of that more recently, also with English subtitles. But it’s not from the movie as it was posted online. :) The video was made by Tom, with subtitles by Ava. Here it is :

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