3 comments on “Marvelous Music from Mousiqar (Urdu, 1962)

  1. Thanks for posting these. I knew only the second one previously- a great hit- but it is nice to see some nice classical singing by Noor Jehan and some elegant dancing too.

  2. You’re welcome, Bawa. I didn’t know the second one was a big hit; I thought the first was the biggest hit. By the way, the first one of course is a slight remix. (Always have mixed feelings about that kind of remix – but it was the only version I could find with sound in both channels. :)

  3. Yaad karun tujhe was the one I heard on the radio in the late 70s still. I think people resung it on PTV, I seem to remember a version by Mehnaz, but I may be totally wrong.

    The others would have all been affected by Zia-ul-huq’s regime by that time, total no-no’s.

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