4 comments on “Punjabi Puppet Show from Patay Khan

  1. What a fantastic scene! I have only seen these types of puppets in museums now.

    The song is to Laila, of the Laila-Majnu love story, and call on the “Laila of the high palaces to take pity and give to alms to the poor fakir on her doorstep” Although later references to a glance of her eyes and him reciting her name, gives us a hint that it is not monetary alms that he is seeking.

  2. Thank you, Bawa. Once again, translation appreciated!

    Yes, I agree, it’s a great scene! I was reminded of Kath Putli (as in the very beginning of the first version of “Bol Re Kath Putli”)…

    And maybe even more so, this song clip from Sargam:

  3. Thats lovely! Never saw / heard it before.

    In this one, the song is making fun of the two watching the show..things like “grapes in the mouth of a langur”, or “feeding almonds to a donkey”, or “a monkey with a musical instrument”… the chorus line laments “What a couple you have come up with, Ram!”

  4. Thanks for yet another translation!

    I wouldn’t have tracked this one down if I weren’t a fan of Rehana. (I thought of putting Rehana on the beauties list, but really, she much better fits the cute and lively list.) Also, a nice glimpse of young Raj Kapoor and such fine music from C. Ramchandra (with him actually singing with Lata Mangeshkar). But the best thing of all is the puppets. :)

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