9 comments on “A Section of the Travancore Family Tree

  1. HI, Harvey. I didn’t know the answer to that offhand, but it was easy enough to look up. :) Yes, that’s the director; he married Sukumari.

  2. Wow, a very hindi family but when one talks of filmi family everybody thinks only of the Kapoors!
    Thanks for the info!

  3. Dear Richard,

    Its a good attempt.But There z a small correction.Lalitha Wass born in 1931,Padmini in 1932.There z five Years difference between Padmini and Ragini(1937).Both Lalitha and Padmini studied in same class.Both visitd Guru Govind’s dance class for learning Kerala Nadanam togehter.Early days (right from 1944-1948)film producers took privilage to adapt Lalitha-Padmini Nadanam(dance of Lalitha-Padmini) in their films

  4. Harvey, did you mean “a very filmi family”? (Seems to be much more Malayalam than Hindi in this family, from what I can tell. :)

  5. Manu, thanks youfor the one-year correction in Lalitha’s birth year. That is impressive! If you know something about the next generation, maybe you can give your opinion on the controversy related to Shobana’s age? This chart gives her birth year as “1970” with a question mark, but other sources say 1966, which makes much more sense to me. The chart did get Padmini’s age right as well as the discrepancy in ages between Padmini and Ragini. (By the way, I didn’t make this chart – I found it and lifted it from somewhere else, so somebody else really deserves the credit or blame. :)

    I am not sure what you mean by film producers adapting “dance of Lalitha-Padmini” in their films between 1944 and 1948… I understand that the first film in which Padmini appeared (though I have never been sure if it was all the Travancore Sisters) was Kalpana, released in 1948. By the way, it took me a long time to find out that Kalpana came out in 1948, since a lot of Web sites state the wrong year. (Especially in Web sites referring to Padmini, for some reason they get it wrong… Some say 1950, one even said 1952!) I know that it did take Uday Shankar a few years to make Kalpana…

    It was my understanding that before 1948, the single great child prodigy bharatanatyam filmi dancer was Baby Kamala, Kumari Kamala, later know as Kamala Lalkshman. (And she was wonderful too!)

  6. What about Padmini’s son Ragini”s second daughter and lalitha’s daughters and grand children?

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