6 comments on “Songs from Veer Ghatotkach (1949) and Shri Ganesh Mahima (1950)

  1. Thank you sooooo much for these songs. I had never heard them before. Such beautiful songs…something very innocent about them. And Meena Kumari looks so young n pretty…seeing her in these videos reminded me of this line from Tum kamseen ho from Ayee Milan ki Bela :
    Madhosh ada yeh alhadpan, bachpan toh abhi rootha hi nahin
    Pehli hi pehchaan mein : The way she nods/shakes/moves her head throughout and flutters her eyelashes – It was so sweet!
    Mere nainon mein preet : she really looked very cute n young in this.

  2. Wow, I always wondered how Meena Kumari looke din her earlier films!
    It is interesting to see Meena Kumari act in the 40s way and rotatig her head and body to the music as was the custom in the late 40s. This trait is gone in Baiju Bawra!
    Makes an interesting watch!
    Thanks for the upload!

  3. You’re welcome, Harvey. That’s an interesting point about the “rotating” 40s style. By the way, there is one even older movie with Meena Kumari that I’ve posted from before; it’s the 1944 Noor Jehan starrer Lal Haveli. You can see Baby Meena at the beginning of this clip; I guess she’s about 12 in this:

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