6 comments on ““Yamini Yamini”

  1. hmmm not sure it did anything for me… not much dancing in this actually just come hither looks and abhinaya.

  2. Well, maybe it’s not as active or impressively near-acrobatic as some of her other dances (this was made in 1970 – don’t know if that’s part of the reason), but I thought there were some very nice body movements and arm movements, this was graceful as always, and I love the pose at 3:20.

  3. I didn’t find it as good as her other dances but she is very graceful and her postures are always so correct. I wanted to point out that pose at 3:20 – it’s so beautiful!

  4. Great……Yaamini…Yaamini…kamadevante is one of d excellency of Ragini’s performances in Malayalam Industry.This fil proves her faculty as a talended artist.She palyed as adaughter,lover,wife mother…Super…and 1970’s had brought much more good movies of RAGINI.Panchavankaadu….song Shringaararoopini z best example.Ethirlaamam along with Padmini(a dance sequences)Most of her good character roles came during this time.Starting with Lankadahanam along with Prem Nasir.She did a guest role in Ammayanna Sthree along with Sathyan(Great movie of KR.Vijaya)

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