5 comments on ““Chakuwala Chchooriwala”

  1. Thanks. Yes, it is interesting, though it kind of reminds me of a few other things… Were the chorus dancers’ dresses recycled from Shabistan?

  2. Your blog is looking so sleek! I love the images on the sidebar, which I want to do too, haven’t figured it out yet. Going to see colorized (sorry) version of Maya Bazaar in the theater this week.


    I thought of you when I saw the ad, thinking surely you’ve seen it. I haven’t yet, so am looking forward to it. Still not sure if there will be subtitles.

    Oh yes, and nice post by the way. You always show me something new and interesting. :)

  3. Thank you, Sita-ji.

    I know of Maya Bazar (or Mayabazar or Maya Bazaar…), and I’ve seen some clips from it, but I’ve never gotten a chance to see it. It is quite a classic. Hope you enjoy the film! (Hope that the colorization isn’t too intrusive :) , and you do get subtitles…) And if you end up doing a writeup about it too, that would be great! (Though if not, I understand. You may have noticed I’ve trailed off a bit at doing full film writeups myself in recent times.)

    BTW, I am very glad that I can show you things that are new and interesting, since you have shown me quite a few things too!

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