10 comments on “Learning to Count In Hindi

  1. Dustedoff- as a return gift I offer you the Punjabi alphabet, although the only video on the internet misses out the beginning

  2. Bawa, thank you for that! The actress on whom it’s picturised looks very familiar – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her in a Hindi film or two, but can’t remember who she is. Would you know?

  3. It is none other than Ranjeeta -of the Laila-Majnu and Akhiyon Ke Jharoke Se fame. I never really took to her somehow. Sunil Dutt was the lead! Another actor to whom I have never taken. Both are Punjabis, so language was no issue.

    Of course one has to give credit to Sunil (real name = balraj) for acting in some quality films, including one in which he was the Only actor = Yadein.

  4. Very nice post. I sometimes confuse 6 and 9 so now I can review the first song. Also like “Ichak Dana” from Shree 420 for the hindi alphabet.

  5. Reached your blog through dustedoff.. really fun theme.. we can take a look at how counting progresses to multiplication in this fun song from Dil Deke Dekho:

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