9 comments on “Raaj Kumar’s Drunk-in-a-Brothel Scene in Kaajal (1965)

  1. Yeh Zulf agar – one of my favorite songs. No one played the spoilt aristocrat better than Raj Kumar.

  2. Ava, glad you like this song too. And that is true about Raaj Kumar… Although in this movie, his character does have to lead a sort of proletarian existence much of his life because, as we are informed with the big plot twist [spoiler coming up?], he was deprived of knowledge about his true ancestry. Unfortunately, the revelation of that truth is not the joyous occasion that it is in so many restored-prince tales…

  3. I dont remember much about this movie, I think all is well in the end.

    It was RajKumar’s aristocratic outfit that fooled me. The brocade sherwani, the churidar. I love Helen’s bright orange.

  4. Sita-ji, yes this is kind of sexy in an amusing way :) … I found the Dharmendra-Padmini song in this film to be sexy too (which should be no surprise), and also hilarious.

    Ava, yes, Helen’s orange certainly stands out!

    And everything does turn out well in the end after much worry and weeping.

  5. Love this video. Excellent song, lavish costumes and Helen looked so beautiful in it .Raaj played the drunken lead to Helen in at least 2 other films that I know of: Aa Meri Aakhon KIi Gehayee Me – Pyar Ka Bandhan (1963) and Dil Ka lena Dena – Maryada (1971). The video of Aa Meri Aakhon KIi Gehayee Me from Pyar Ka Bandhan is great and one of my all-time favorites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_RchE9I-qE

  6. This movie had soo many good songs this one got lost among them. The opening credits for this movie were outstanding and the classical bhajan that plays with it is my favorite. The other attraction of the movie is Dharmendra. For both these reasons I saw the movie 3 times on the long flight from Delhi to Paris. I liked the Dharm-Padmini song too. All the 12 or so songs ;) were quite good.

  7. Mister Naidu, it’s nice to know that Helen and Raaj did this sort of routine together at least two more times! “Aa Meri Aakhon KIi Gehayee Me” is very good too!

  8. Sophy, I agree, there were many good songs in this one, and the opening credits are great. I guess Dharmendra could be considered one attraction for many. :) Meena Kumari is not bad at all in this either, and I thought her song with Padmini was great also. (Padmini and Meena Kumari did take the first two spots in my “Bollywood Beauties” list, so imagine my delight at seeing them in one film together. :)

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