10 comments on “Sayeeda Khan Turns Into Padmini in Vaasna (1968)

  1. What did happen to Sayeeda Khan? I seem to recall reading about her somewhere – committed suicide? Or am I mixing her up with someone else?

  2. Hi, Dustedoff. It was a big suicide-homicide-family massacre by her husband, director Brij. I was looking around for other songs she had done and noticed that Atul actually summed up the tragedy in his “Song a Day” when he posted a song from Modern Girl:

    She married Brij Sadanah (producer of Victoria no. 203). In 1990, her husband Killed Sayeeda Khan and their daughter, before killing himself. Luckily their son Kamal, who was not at home, survived. Kamal Sadanah later acted as Hero in a movie called “Rang.”

    According to some other sources I saw, it was far from the first time that Brij got drunk and waved a gun around… (OK, I’ve got to rush to do something right now, but I guess I will just have to get back to this story in a little while…)

  3. Oh yes.. the Brij Sadanah murder-suicide is well known. Poor Sayeeda.

    Kamal costarred with Kajol in their debut film, Bekhudi. Kamal got nowhere with acting roles or producing films, luckily he had property to fall back upon, and a loving wife and children.

  4. And then there’s Sayeeda Khan’s sister, Shagufta Rafique, who apparently is a fairly successful screenplay writer in the current scene… She and her mother didn’t do so well after Sayeeda’s death, as they had been depending on Sayeeda’s support to some extent and didn’t have wealth of their own. So Shagufta became a singer in seedy bars for a while. I dicn’t know anything about her, but I stumbled upon this interesting story in a few places, such as this site.

  5. Nice song that I hadn’t heard before, and as the murder happened during my years in the “wilderness”, this is the first time I am hearing of it.

  6. I think Kamal Sadanah was present at the “incident”…I read an interview where he talks about it. Very sad. I love Sayeeda, she was really good in those Arabian Nights type tales especially…

  7. Yes, I read also that he was present…very sad and awful.

    Memsaab, I haven’t seen those Arabian Nights type tales that you talk about :) , but I think Sayeeda gave a good performance in this film and her dance is very nice. This film had a lot of good performances, though as you pointed out yourself in your nicely detailed and accurate writeup, they didn’t exactly add up to the best film (though not the worst, either, certainly)…

  8. If you have the chance, do watch her in Char Dervesh. It’s a great film with great songs, and she’s the star opposite Feroz Khan (a very YOUNG Feroz) :)

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